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US Household Incomes Tumble for a Third Straight Year

According to Biden and his administration, Bidenomics “is working,” claiming that he’s improving the economy and American lives. But the latest numbers from the...
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Bidenomics is Failing to Motivate Voters:  Send in the Inflation Reduction Act 

President Joe Biden is switching tactics to attempt to win back millions of voters who refuse to buy into the reported successes of “Bidenomics.”... /

Joe Takes Bidenomics to Philadelphians, But They Aren’t Buying 

What do you do when a major city strongly disapproves of your handling of the economy? If you’re President Joe Biden, you go directly...
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Reagan Economist Destroys Bidenomics with the Numbers

Biden and his administration want you to believe that their economic plan, referred to as Bidenomics, is working – that America is doing better...