SCOTUS to Decide: Should Schools Be Parent-Free Zones?

nimito /
Well, well, well, here we go again. Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is the only one willing to stand up against the madness taking over our schools. On Monday, Miyares, along with attorneys general from 15 other states, filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case about schools making decisions […]


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photosince /
Senator James Risch once again reminds us that the NATO alliance needs to do more than just shuffle papers if it wants to effectivel ...Read More

Wake Up, NATO: China’s Not Waiting, Warns GOP Senator

SolidMaks /
No civil right in American life is currently more restricted than the Second Amendment right to defend yourself against criminals an ...Read More

Civil Rights Restored as Red-State Citizens Can Now Buy Ammo at the Grocery Store

Stock-Asso /
Well, folks, it’s happened again. The “most transparent administration in history” has been caught playing puppet master. The radio ...Read More

Radio Station Boots Host for Following Biden’s Script – Shocker!

Tennessee Witney /
If Biden doesn’t step down, he’ll likely be removed. That means the DNC will have to replace him. Will they replace Kamala Harris, t ...Read More

If the DNC Replaces Biden, What Happens to Harris?

fizkes /
In today’s dynamic workplace, the concept of a “personality hire” is gaining traction, particularly as companies strive to enhance t ...Read More

The Dawn of the Personality Hire

Mie Ahmt /
With the possibility of war looming, a compulsory draft for women is being debated. Watch now:

Drafting Women: Watch to See What Could Happen

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Philip Yabut /
Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, caused a stir in the political arena last week by introducing a resolution calling for the invocation ...Read More

Rep. Roy Launches Campaign to Remove Biden from Office

mwreck /
With many people worried about one party winning over another, and some believing that Trump shouldn’t be allowed back in the White ...Read More

Could a Civil War Break Out After the General Election?

OpturaDesign /
If you subscribed to the NFL’s “Sunday Ticket” on DirecTV anytime between 2011 and 2022, the federal government says you were ripped ...Read More

NFL Ordered to Pay $4.7 Billion in ‘Sunday Ticket’ Antitrust Lawsuit

Cameron Whitman /
President Joe Biden is expected to pardon US veterans convicted over 60 years under an old military law that banned gay sex. That’s ...Read More

Biden’s Latest Move: Pardons for Veterans Convicted of Gay Sex

Sharon Keating /
If you think you’ve seen Bigfoot, this is the article for you. There are tales the old of time of large sasquatches that wander the ...Read More

Bigfoot Brothers From Another Mother

rafapress /
The Department of Justice just dropped a bombshell: A Gulf state cozy with Hamas is allegedly greasing the gears of American media. ...Read More

DOJ Bombshell: Qatari Foreign Agents’ $250K Deal for PBS Documentary


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SAVE Would Bolster Election Integrity, And Democrats Want No Part of It

MyLove4Art /
If Democrats are so sure illegal immigrants don’t vote in elections, why are they so opposed to the SAVE Act? According to them, the ...Read More

Comer’s High-Stakes Interview Request: Goes After Biden’s Doctor

Stasique /
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) decided it would be a great idea to summon White House physician Kevin O’Conno ...Read More

Debunking Project 2025’s Influence on Trump 

epsilomo /
The left has pointed to Project 2025 as the primary source of their fearmongering, arguing that former President Donald Trump would ...Read More

Congress Prioritizes Election Integrity Amid Biden’s Title IX Chaos

Lukas Holub /
Hold onto your hats, folks, because the House GOP is at it again, tackling Biden’s overreach and pushing back against those pesky De ...Read More

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