Biden’s Lightbulb Moment: What’s Next, Ban on Sunlight? The Energy Saga Continues

lovelyday12 /
The Biden administration has targeted lightbulbs in its latest move to combat climate change. Still, many Americans are left in the dark about the consequences. The new rules, set by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), require higher energy efficiency standards that only LED bulbs can meet, effectively phasing out traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent […]


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Ron Adar /
The Louisiana state House of Representatives has passed a bill that provides a shield from liability to drivers who are forced to ru ...Read More

Louisiana Bill Would Legalize Running Over Protesters (Sort of)

Adel Newman /
One of the big scare tactics that the global warming lunatics use to try to frighten people into supporting the Green New Deal is th ...Read More

Islands That Were Supposed to Vanish from Global Warming Are Getting Bigger

Michael Bordon /
Do you feel safer or more in danger when there are more “good guys” carrying a gun? With constitutional carry gaining traction, it’s ...Read More

Constitutional Carry is Gaining a Popularity…But Is That a Good Thing?

StanislavSukhin /
As things heat up for the 2024 Presidential elections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now are asking state off ...Read More

CDC Tells States To Prep the Bird Flu Pandemic Plans

Kues /
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is at the center of a contentious debate as it considers significant changes to its gradua ...Read More

School Districts Consider Banning Graduation Ceremonies for ‘Equity’ Reasons!

Rich Koele /
Making his seemingly bi-annual appearance before CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tried his best to toe the line of t ...Read More

Sanders: Israel Can Defend Itself, but They Are Responsible for Civilians Hamas Hides Behind

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Queens, NY, homeowner Carlos Mejia has grown frustrated with package thieves in his neighborhood. Much like many other areas of the ...Read More

Victim of Package Theft Was Kind Enough To Call the Police Instead of Attacking the Thief

lev radin /
Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg put his ignorance about electric vehicles (EVs), landlines, and rural America on full dis ...Read More

Buttigieg’s Attempted Jab At Landlines Actually Makes an Accurate Point, and He Can’t Stand It

Zerbor /
For years now, the prepper in American culture has predominantly been made up of one type of individual. The white, bearded, and hea ...Read More

Americans Are Now Waking Up and Becoming “Preppers” /
As the 2024 general election draws ever closer, Democrats are becoming more and more worried. In fact, one Democratic strategist is ...Read More

Longtime Dem Strategist Is Horrified About Who Young Voters Are Turning To

Javier Brosch /
Going on vacation with your pet has never been easy. If you had a smaller pup, you could put them under the seat in front of you, pr ...Read More

American Airlines Making Pet Travel Easier Than Ever

J.M. Image Factory /
Behind the scenes, some lawmakers are quietly preparing plans to thwart a President Donald Trump victory. They’re studying his actio ...Read More

Democrat Plot to Keep Trump From Having Classified Information 


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Liberal Texan Rep Thinks Blacks Should Be Exempt From Taxes in Reparations

Freshman Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) wanted to make a splash during her first term in office, and her recent appearance on “The Bla ...Read More

Joe Biden Tells the Most Brazen Lies You’ll Ever Hear about the 2nd Amendment

Consolidated News Photos /
Joe Biden has absolutely no positive accomplishments that he can run on in 2024. The only thing that he has to fall back on is the s ...Read More

Since Selfies Cause More Deaths Than Shark Attacks Now, It’s Time to Head to the Beach

DavideAngelini /
Being afraid of a shark attack is fairly common, preventing thousands each year from traveling to beach destinations. However, the r ...Read More

Shocking Claims: How USDA’s Aid Policy Is Allegedly Discriminating Against White Farmers

Kitreel /
In an episode that could easily be mistaken for a plotline in a satirical comedy about America’s legal and agricultural drama, a gro ...Read More

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