California’s Latest Absurdity: Free Grocery Stores

Vladeep /
San Francisco has debuted its latest stroke of brilliance: a $5.5 million “free food market.” No, it’s not just another food pantry—this one’s got all the bells and whistles of a real supermarket! Eligible residents can stroll in, flash their cards, fill up their carts, and stroll out without dropping a dime. It’s like the […]


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Victor Velter /
In a dramatic response to his party’s significant losses in the European Parliament elections, French President Emmanuel Macron anno ...Read More

Emmanuel Macron Surrenders to Far-Right Bulldozer Marine LePen, Calls Snap Legislative Election Amid Humiliating Defeat

Framalicious /
When it comes to borders, and walls, some would say that Joe Biden is strictly against them. Or at least that is the message sent by ...Read More

Biden Finds a Wall He Supports

A Pennsylvania state senator has proposed a significant increase in the state’s minimum wage, aiming to set it at $20 per hour, whic ...Read More

PA State Senator Proposes ‘Moral’ Minimum Wage Hike To $20 An Hour So Working Class Can Afford Netflix Subscriptions and Avocado Toast

DannyOliva /
Trump’s been found guilty of 34 charges in the NYC hush-money case, but will he actually go to prison because of it? We want to know ...Read More

Will Trump Land in Prison?

Gil Corzo /
It’s time for Barack Obama to be charged with a serious felony or maybe even chop one crime up into 34 felonies. We’ve been reliably ...Read More

Remember When Obama Offered Jeremiah Wright Hush Money in 2008?

grynold /
Last week, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) published a report expressing concerns about the rapid advancement of Iran’ ...Read More

Biden’s Dangerous Diplomacy: How Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile is Growing Unchecked

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Natali Kuzina /
Joe Erlinger, the head honcho of McDonald’s USA, wants you to calm down about those outrageous $18 Big Macs you’ve heard about. In a ...Read More

McDonald’s Executive Addresses $18 Big Mac- Blames Biden

Perry McLeod /
Bidenomics is a disaster. Everything is more expensive. And now, it seems Biden may be threatening top retailers just so that he can ...Read More

WATCH: Is Biden Threatening Top Retailers?

Paopano /
Pandemics are happening more and more – COVID, bird flu, and so on. Are they real or are they lies being told to us so that we lose ...Read More

Pandemics: Real or Election Distractions?

Maxim Elramsisy /
The book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley was a cautionary tale. Sometimes, the monsters that we create will turn around and try to de ...Read More

Watch: Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Tells Huge Detroit Crowd to Vote Against Biden

If Trump were to get locked up for his alleged crimes, the Secret Service would keep him company. Watch for the full story:

Trump Would Get Secret Service in Jail

Drop of Light /
President Joe Biden took to the podium at the recent West Point graduation ceremony, proudly highlighting NATO’s expansion, his Midd ...Read More

Biden Brag’s About NATO Expansion While Ignoring His Middle East Fiascos at West Point


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Shock Report: All New Jobs in the Past Year Have Gone to Illegal Aliens

Tada Images /
If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering why all the White House economists claim that the economy is “white hot,” you’re n ...Read More

Supreme Court Hands IRS 9-0 Victory – Say Goodbye to Your Estate Tax Refund!

Olga Maksimava /
The Supreme Court’s recent decision has significant implications for estate planning, particularly for family-owned corporations. On ...Read More

California to Destroy Ancient Forest to Save You from the Weather

Travellingdede /
If you haven’t been convinced yet that the climate hoaxers are the most dishonest frauds in human history, this story should do the ...Read More

Criminal Referrals on the Way for Hunter and James Biden 

Proving the theory that “no one is above the law,” Republican House committee members leading the impeachment inquiry of President J ...Read More

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