Biden Just Confessed to Bouncing Checks…What?

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We really never know what’s going to come out of Joe Biden’s mouth. He’s been known to make some interesting confessions over the years. He also babbles about nonsense.

Recently, he spoke at the White House about “protecting Americans’ retirement security.”

He starts out by explaining, “I ran for President to make sure our economy works for everyone — at least gives everyone and equal shot — and to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up.  Because when that happens, everybody does well, rather than just the top down.”

He talks about the hidden junk fees that are in a lot of the monthly bills. But that’s about all he talks about. He goes on and on about the fees that add up here and there.

It’s all a joke, really.

If he wanted to protect our retirement security, he’d fix the economy that’s causing us all to drain our savings. How are we supposed to save for retirement when we’re paying higher interest rates on credit card debt and more on gas and groceries every week?

He’s completely delusional.

That’s not even what makes his speech so ridiculous, though.

He says, “When you’ve bounced a few checks like I did, you know, when I was trying to get started, it, uh, anyway…”

Wait…what now?

First of all, Biden had quite a bit of money at all points of his life. He has also spent most of his life as a politician, so it’s not likely that he bounced checks.

However, did he also just confess to a crime? You’re not ACTUALLY allowed to bounce checks – and certainly not do so while laughing about it. What kind of example is he setting?

As RedState recently wrote, “perhaps this explains so much — why he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to the economy and why the family grifts to make side money.”

They have a point. Biden broke the economy and is too oblivious to realize that’s why retirement savings is no longer happening.