You Aren’t Paying More, and Biden’s Misinformation Monitors Intend to Prove It 

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When Topher Olive took to TikTok to express his outrage at paying over $16 for a meal from McDonald’s, he set the internet on fire. The post went viral, even catching the attention of the White House Office of Digital Strategy, which viewed it as “an exaggerated example of the nation’s economic challenges.” The incident took social media by storm, providing proof that “Bidenomics” is failing America in every facet of life. 

The Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz observes that the post was problematic for Biden’s reelection campaign. “In reality, inflation has been steadily subsiding,” she asserted, noting that “the anomalous price from one store in Idaho 11 months ago” was “ripping through people’s social media feeds as if it explained the entire economy.” 

Sadly, Olive’s post not only “explained the entire economy,” it also highlighted the real struggles Americans face daily under the Joe Biden presidency. 

The White House couldn’t flag Olive’s post as false since it showed his receipt for the overpriced burger combo. But the Biden campaign is seeking to hide proof like this from the public, and it has enlisted the help of Rob Flaherty. 

Flaherty was heavily involved in the censorship scandal that rocked the Biden administration. In fact, Flaherty was one of the key players, as revealed during the Missouri v. Biden censorship case that uncovered the astonishing lengths the Biden administration went to cover up the truth about COVID-19. 

Flaherty pressured social media companies to ban individuals deemed “offenders” from major social media platforms. Flaherty’s intimidation tactics were accompanied by threats to employ antitrust measures and regulations if companies did not comply with his directives. The primary objective of Flaherty and the Biden team was not merely combating misinformation but also to remove any content that contradicted the Biden administration. 

Who better to grab the wheel for the Biden campaign’s ridiculous message of economic prosperity? Flaherty has assumed a new role as the misinformation monitor in the Biden 2024 campaign, and the White House has shifted its focus to a new issue: “misinformation” about inflation. 

Although Americans will be more influenced by their empty bank accounts and maxed credit cards than anything they see on social media, Flaherty and his experienced misinformation team at the White House will actively promote the narrative that the Biden economy is thriving. 

Flaherty expressed the need for a more assertive approach in countering “misinformation” about the economy, emphasizing the campaign’s commitment to challenging reality. Up to his old tricks, Flaherty is again “working with social media platforms” to stop the spread of “misinformation.” 

And, despite his work in censorship being uncovered, he is turning to the COVID-19 and Hunter Biden laptop playbook. Flaherty will repeat his past activities, working with the campaign’s digital, legal, and communications teams to combat “false narratives” during the 2024 presidential race. 

The Biden campaign laments that social media companies are becoming less proactive in regulating “political misinformation.” According to Biden campaign officials, the administration will actively block and label “misinformation” from Republican figures and spin its version of “decreasing” inflation.  

The campaign anticipates a wave of “false assertions” from Trump and other GOP candidates, including now-proven facts about the COVID-19 vaccines, ever-evolving Biden family scandals, and the fraudulent election practices that secured his seat in the White House, such as covering up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. 

Platforms like X have, to the left’s chagrin, reinstated the accounts of conservatives, including Trump, who were banned for spreading “misinformation.” As a result, Biden’s campaign can no longer rely on social media platforms to conform to pressure to do its dirty work. It intends to actively use its resources to “regulate misinformation” posted by opposing voices from the right.  

This includes enlisting hundreds of staff and volunteers to monitor platforms, investing in advertising to combat “false claims,” and actively promoting their falsehood about a “thriving economy.” 

Flaherty outlines his strategy by explaining, “The campaign is going to have to be more aggressive pushing back on misinformation from a communications perspective and filling some of the gaps these companies are leaving behind.”  

These “gaps,” of course, refer to social media platforms reinstating banned accounts and refusing to give in to renewed demands for censorship. 

But Americans have had a taste of life under the current President. While his administration was able to successfully squash the truth about vaccine mandates, the Russian collusion hoax, COVID-19, and the Hunter Biden laptop, it will be far less successful in stopping the spread of “misinformation” about the economic pain every American is facing because of inflation.  

Even if the administration spins the story until it seems to defy gravity, a citizenry under financial hardship will not believe it. It’s Biden’s anchor, and he should wear it proudly.