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Biden Has Trouble on the Home Front As Democrats Begin To Turn on Him

The illegitimate president finds out that even his constituents are beginning to see just how crooked the man has become. The president has moved...
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Shocking Exit from Network by Fox News Personalities

There used to be a time when the news consisted of someone reading news stories in the evening so that people could remain informed...
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Even Dems Say Lincoln Project Should Be Dead

Whether the Democratic Party wants to realize it or not, the infamous Lincoln Project played a massive role in ensuring that former President Donald...
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Illegals Will Do Anything To Reach the Shores of Freedom

The United States of America still is the greatest nation on the planet. The Democrats are entirely ignorant and blind to the fact that...
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McConaughey Sets the Record Straight: No Run for Governor

Matthew McConaughey has been hinting for months that he’s going to run for Texas governor. However, he could never seem to commit as to...
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Biden Solidifies Illegals in America by Keeping Them From Being Deported

The president's attacks on American law enforcement have reached new levels now that he is openly helping illegals find ways of remaining in the...
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Biden Pushes Electric Car Chargers Failing to Understand Where That Electricity Comes From

Joe Biden is a mirror image of Gavin Newsom. Both of these liberal mean men desire to slowly and forcefully turn their spheres of...
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Biden Administration Beginning to Roll Back Trump’s Advances Concerning Religious Liberties

Churches and other ministries around the country should keep their eyes open for what the Biden administration plans to do with religious liberties. There...
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Reuters Screws Up ‘Fact Checking’ Claim that ‘Biden Isn’t Really the President’

As you well know, “fact-checking” has become a major thing in recent years. It undoubtedly began with liberal media claiming that former President Donald...
By Christopher Penler/shutterstock.com

Liberal School District Taught Major Lesson About Freedom of Speech

Byron Tanner Cross is the teacher on leave because he took a stand for what he believed was correct concerning a liberal rule being...

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