South Carolina Pulls Funding for Disney

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If you have paid much attention to Disney of late, you know that they aren’t doing well. And now, they’ve taken yet another hit.

This one comes from South Carolina, a state that once offered the House of Mouse a respite from the attacks of Ron DeSantis’s anti-woke Florida. Rather than helping Disney out, South Carolina has now changed its mind, deciding instead to pull a not-so-small amount of funding to the once-treasured and respected entertainment company.

According to State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, a total of $105 million, once slated as an investment into Walt Disney Studios, is now being divested – or pulled.

As Loftis said in the announcement, the state’s decision comes as Disney continues to wade into woke ideology, pushing its beliefs and ideals on the most innocent of our population.

Primarily, Loftis and the Palmetto State have a problem with Disney’s wide-open embrace of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, also known as ESG. In Loftis’s words, it has caused a nearly irreversible “structural rot” throughout the company.

As he told Fox Business Digital, “I think it’s clear to anybody paying attention that there’s a structural rot inside of Disney. It’s deep, it’s pervasive, and I suspect Bob Iger, since his return as the CEO, now realizes it can’t be fixed.”

So rather than continue to fund such rot, Loftis and his state have pulled their support.

Now, as you can imagine, $105 million may seem like small potatoes to a company like Disney. And indeed, it may be. But it’s yet another sign that the House of Mouse is officially on its way out.

In the last year, the year of their centennial anniversary, Disney has only produced two profiting films, and even those barely could be considered as such. Additionally, Disney stock has dropped tremendously as it continues to go woke.

Needless to say things are not looking good for the future of Disney. It’s really such a shame.