Chicago Has at Least One Alderman Who’s Tired of the Free Ride for Illegals


Chicago’s 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale has had enough with City leadership. With Mayor Brandon Johnson largely just tossing his hands up as if he is powerless to fix the situation, many are fed up with the situation. Now Beale has taken notice of everything Johnson and his associates are giving out, and he’s appalled at the situation. Taking his fight right to the city council, he pled his case.

“Now, I’ve said this before. If you give me 3 meals, housing, childcare, education, a voucher for $9,000. You know what? I’d come to Chicago too. And that’s what they’re doing. They’re telling people and they’re sending money back to Chicago — I mean, back to Venezuela — to come to Chicago because they’re saying, hey, the good times are rolling there. They’re taking care of everybody. Now, when we have, when we have Venezuelans that are driving cars — where did they get a driver’s license? Where did they get insurance from?”

He also brought up evidence of Venezuelans being caught with guns, drugs, and other pieces of gang activity. He asked how and where they got it if Chicago didn’t just give it to them.

For Beale, this has been a fight he has taken right to Johnson’s doorstep. Aiming to end the “sanctuary city” tagline that the mayor is clinging to like it’s a lifeboat, Beale introduced legislation for the people of Chicago to vote on bringing an end to the designation. Presenting it before the city council in September, Beale made the topic easy.

“Right now, we’re dealing with a huge, huge disaster here in the city of Chicago and we need to get a handle on it. Nobody has ever asked the voters, the people who actually vote and pay taxes here in the city of Chicago, if they want to remain a sanctuary city.” Now thanks to Mayor Johnson and his team of truth twisters, the city won’t even be able to provide a direct answer to the question.

Instead, voters in Chicago will be faced with the question, “Should the city of Chicago impose reasonable limits on the city’s providing resources for migrant sheltering, such as funding caps and shelter occupancy time limits, if necessary, to prevent a substantial negative impact on Chicago’s current residents?”

This tongue twister of a run-on sentence isn’t fair to the average voter in Chicago, or anywhere else. Most people who step into the voting booth do so on their lunch or after work. Their minds aren’t necessarily as nimble as they are at 8 am, and certainly not as nimble as the Shakespearian wannabe Johnson has working in the mayor’s office.

Quite frankly, the answer to this question should be yes, and that substantial negative impact comes the moment an illegal takes a bed from a citizen in a homeless shelter. It should be the moment we are giving the illegals more than our own people on the streets. Many of whom also happen to be Veterans. Instead, people like Mayor Johnson look down on them with disgust and see the new illegals pouring in as potential votes after he gives them citizenship.

For the city of Chicago, they have needed a hero who would go after the mayor and his ridiculous opinion that he can claim to be a “sanctuary city” without being asked to prove it. At points throughout history, people who have wanted to virtue signal and stand up for their ideal society have been asked to prove that they mean what they say. Their bluff is called, and they get asked to show their cards.

As Alderman Beale has so elegantly shown, Chicago has the resources, but only when someone else is funding their bankroll. On their own, they just don’t have the chips to make that call. Instead, they need to be taking care of their own, and not taking away from the programs that protect the already disenfranchised communities.

If Mayor Johnson thinks the violence in Chicago is bad now, just wait until they start taking away housing locations, vouchers, and rent assistance from the residents of Chicago who are dependent on it. That will ignite a powder keg that Chicago hasn’t seen since 1929.