Mexican Drug Cartels Overrun America’s ‘Last Best Place,’ the State of Montana

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Thanks to Joe Biden’s efforts, Mexican drug cartels have now extended their power and area of influence all the way to the American border with Canada. The American fake news media will never tell us about these problems, but the Daily Mail in London has issued a new report on how the cartels have overrun America’s ‘Last Best Place.’ The cartels are especially targeting Indian reservations in Montana, which have higher rates of addiction and fewer law enforcement officers.

The drug cartels love northern states like Montana because of how much money they can squeeze out of addicts there. With synthetic opioids like fentanyl, they now charge $3 to $5 per pill in towns and cities along the US-Mexico border. In Montana, they can charge addicts $100 per pill once they get hooked.

As a result, Montana is now the second-most ‘addicted’ state in the country when it comes to illegal drugs. A 2021 survey found that 18.2% of Montanans had used illicit drugs in 2021, and the figures have only increased since then, thanks to Joe Biden.

The problem is especially bad on the Indian reservations since the cartels are experts at trapping people in a cycle of debt and addiction. The cartels will send in men to start dating Native American women to gain access to the reservations and start selling drugs. Tribal leaders say crimes and drug overdoses are now surging on the reservations.

Back in 2020, a former Mexican police officer named Ricardo Ramos Medina was working as a drug mule for the Sinaloa carte. He crossed the border and picked up a grocery sack with two pounds of methamphetamine in it—enough to supply the entire population of any town in Montana for several days. Federal officers pulled Medina over and arrested him. In the process, they took down a trafficking ring that had supplied Montana with 2,000 pounds of meth and 700,000 fentanyl pills over the previous three years.

That was when President Donald Trump was in office, however. Now that all federal agencies have been ordered to ignore the problems caused by illegal aliens, the drugs are flooding the country. That’s exactly what President Trump means at campaign rallies when he says the illegal aliens are “poisoning the lifeblood of our nation.”

Marvin Weatherwax, Jr. is on the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council and serves in the state House of Representatives in Montana. He says, “Right now, it’s as if fentanyl is raining on our reservation.”

The amount of fentanyl that law enforcement seized in Montana in 2022 was effectively double what they caught in 2021. It’s even worse now. The Blackfeet Reservation had 17 people overdose in a single week recently.

“The cartel extracted tens of thousands of dollars in cash, guns, and vehicles from the Crow Reservation,” says attorney Matthew Claus. “Money and guns flowed out of state and out of the country, and then the cartel left. In their wake, they left addicted, strung out, impoverished tribal members facing prosecutions and lengthy prison sentences.”

This is the cost of having Joe Biden in the White House. He’s probably collecting his ‘10 percent for the Big Guy’ on many of these deals. It’s tragic because we had operational control of the southern border just three years ago under Donald Trump. We’re losing more Americans to drug overdoses every year than we lost during the entire Vietnam War.

Is it worth all this tragedy and devastation just to keep President Trump from sending mean tweets that upset the Democrats?