Biden’s Lightbulb Moment: What’s Next, Ban on Sunlight? The Energy Saga Continues

lovelyday12 /
The Biden administration has targeted lightbulbs in its latest move to combat climate change. Still, many Americans are left in the dark about the consequences. The new rules, set by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), require higher energy efficiency standards that only LED bulbs can meet, effectively phasing out traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent […]

Louisiana Bill Would Legalize Running Over Protesters (Sort of)

Ron Adar /
The Louisiana state House of Representatives has passed a bill that provides a shield from liability to drivers who are forced to run over protesters during tense or frightening situations. The heads of liberal reporters are exploding over the legislation, and they’re claiming that the bill makes it legal to “murder” protesters. It should be […]

Islands That Were Supposed to Vanish from Global Warming Are Getting Bigger

Adel Newman /
One of the big scare tactics that the global warming lunatics use to try to frighten people into supporting the Green New Deal is that low-lying islands are going to disappear. You’ve heard the scam thousands of times by now. The polar ice caps will melt, entire islands will disappear, and we’ll have to live […]

Constitutional Carry is Gaining a Popularity…But Is That a Good Thing?

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Do you feel safer or more in danger when there are more “good guys” carrying a gun? With constitutional carry gaining traction, it’s an important topic to have an opinion about. Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

CDC Tells States To Prep the Bird Flu Pandemic Plans

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As things heat up for the 2024 Presidential elections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now are asking state officials to prepare for the next big pandemic. Calling for them to get their states to prepare plans for the potential for farm workers to come down with H5N1. With a Texas dairy farmer […]

School Districts Consider Banning Graduation Ceremonies for ‘Equity’ Reasons!

Kues /
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is at the center of a contentious debate as it considers significant changes to its graduation ceremonies. The proposed policy suggests replacing traditional graduation ceremonies with what is being termed “commencements,” all in the pursuit of equity and inclusion. The proposed policy redefines “commencement” as a celebration of student achievement […]

Sanders: Israel Can Defend Itself, but They Are Responsible for Civilians Hamas Hides Behind

Rich Koele /
Making his seemingly bi-annual appearance before CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tried his best to toe the line of the liberal agenda and wound up making a disaster. Asked by host Jake Tapper about how he feels concerning people who say Hamas started it, Bernie could do little more than listen with disbelief. […]

Victim of Package Theft Was Kind Enough To Call the Police Instead of Attacking the Thief

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Queens, NY, homeowner Carlos Mejia has grown frustrated with package thieves in his neighborhood. Much like many other areas of the country, Queens has been inundated by groups of people who have nothing better to do than steal everything not nailed down. With companies like Amazon leaving things unattended on doorsteps for hours at a […]

Buttigieg’s Attempted Jab At Landlines Actually Makes an Accurate Point, and He Can’t Stand It

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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg put his ignorance about electric vehicles (EVs), landlines, and rural America on full display. Appearing on Fox News Channel’s America Reports on April 2nd, “Let’s be clear consumers have wanted and purchased more EVs every single year than the year before. Tesla is facing more competition as GM and Ford […]

Americans Are Now Waking Up and Becoming “Preppers”

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For years now, the prepper in American culture has predominantly been made up of one type of individual. The white, bearded, and heavily tattooed men were the prototypical culture. And the trade shows, magazines, and blogs perpetuated that ideology. Corresponding with the same look as white nationalists, the movement had such an off-putting reputation that […]

Longtime Dem Strategist Is Horrified About Who Young Voters Are Turning To /
As the 2024 general election draws ever closer, Democrats are becoming more and more worried. In fact, one Democratic strategist is “horrified” about who historically young Democratic voters are turning to. Let’s just say it’s not the establishment Joe Biden. Like most Democrats, longtime analyst James Carville believes his party to be the answer to […]

American Airlines Making Pet Travel Easier Than Ever

Javier Brosch /
Going on vacation with your pet has never been easy. If you had a smaller pup, you could put them under the seat in front of you, provided you gave up your larger carry-on bag and paid a small fee. The only way to retain that carry-on was to call your pet an “emotional support […]

Democrat Plot to Keep Trump From Having Classified Information 

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Behind the scenes, some lawmakers are quietly preparing plans to thwart a President Donald Trump victory. They’re studying his actions and policies from 2024 to anticipate his actions if he regains the White House and setting plans to block every move he makes as president. They are attempting to pass plans to limit his ability […]

Texas Hail Storm Proves Solar Is Not a Reliable Energy Source

Lukas Jonaitis /
Unusual weather has been plaguing Texas off and on for the last few years, and now thousands of solar panels on a South Bend County farm have been destroyed. Caught in a freakishly strong hail storm, the solar panels and other infrastructure in the area suffered massive damage. Nick Kaminski, a Fort Bend County resident, […]

After Crashing the Company, Boeing’s CEO Will Leave With Millions

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You’d think that when a plane company watches its storied name go up in flames like the Hindenburg, someone would be responsible and pay the price. It turns out that for Boeing Corp., that price will come from the stockholders. Dave Calhoun, the CEO of Boeing, only spend four years at the helm of Boeing. […]