Famed College Football QB Leaves to Join Navy SEALs

Getmilitaryphotos / shutterstock.com
Getmilitaryphotos / shutterstock.com

It’s pretty much a fact that young people often have difficulty seeing the big picture and focusing on more than themselves, especially if they are already accustomed to some sort of fame and glory. But this college football quarterback isn’t like most.

Introducing Levi Williams, famed quarterback for the Utah State Aggies.

If you know much about college football, particularly this year, you’ll know that the Aggies are a pretty good team. You may also know that Williams is a damn good quarterback – you know, the kind that could definitely go pro should he want to.

For example, on Saturday, he led his team to their sixth win of the season, making them officially eligible for a postseason bowl game. In this game, Williams was responsible for five total touchdowns, including the one that sealed their victory in double overtime.

In fact, his performance during that game led to him being named the Mountain West Conference’s Offensive Player of the Week.

Basically, he’s at the height of personal glory here, with only up to go.

And yet, he just announced that he’s leaving the game of football and forfeiting his senior year of college to join the Navy SEALs.

Williams announced as much on Monday during an interview with KSL’s “Sports Zone’s” Hans and Scotty.

He explained that while he loves football and his team, like most things of personal glory, it will eventually “come to an end.” Besides, he feels God is “calling” him to something with an even greater purpose.

As he recalls telling his soon-to-be wife, “(the SEALs) is where God’s calling me. Obviously, we can’t prepare for everything. There’s going to be some unexpected turns along the way. As long as you trust God and trust me, I think we’re gonna be alright.”

He also believes it would be a “great honor” to be part of a “brotherhood” such as the SEALs, where no man is better than another, and they are all fighting for one common goal – to “protect this great country where we get to play football.”

I can think of no greater calling.