Poll Shows Joe Biden Hemorrhaging Black Voters

gpointstudio / shutterstock.com

A devastating new poll shows that Joe Biden’s reelection campaign continues to bleed black voters at an unprecedented rate. Donald Trump is drawing more support from black voters in the 2024 contest than any other Republican candidate in the last 50 years—including black Republicans. At this rate, it’s approaching a mathematical impossibility for Joe Biden to win a fair election.

The latest I&I/TIPP Poll was released on Monday. The results were staggering for the Biden campaign. The poll shows that 15% of black voters plan to cast their ballots for Donald Trump this year. That only tells part of the tale, however. Only 59% of black voters say they plan to vote for Joe Biden this year.

Back in the fake and stolen 2020 election, Joe Biden received 87% of the black vote, compared to Trump’s 12%. While the survey does not show a huge amount of support for Trump, the amount of support that Biden has lost is colossal. His support has cratered by 28% among black voters. Only white liberals are stupid enough to vote for their continued economic destruction at the hands of Joe Biden.

This mirrors similar polling conducted by the Wall Street Journal last month. In 2020, only 12% of black men voted for Trump and 6% of black women. This year, Trump is polling at 30% among black men and 11% among black women.

The reason for this seismic shift toward President Trump is easy for everyone to understand. Everything about life was better under Trump. The average family is now spending approximately $1,000 a month more on necessities like food, gas, and utilities, compared to when Trump was in office.

No one has economically suffered more under this unelected regime than black families. While the polling looks good, let’s hope that black voters follow through in November by casting their votes for a president who truly cares about them.