Who is Nancy Mace? What You Need to Know 

William Perugini / shutterstock.com
William Perugini / shutterstock.com

Every now and then, a political figure rises from the depths of obscurity to dominate the liberal news headlines. For a brief moment in the media’s attention span, nothing this hapless politician does escapes public scrutiny. They become the target of mockery, sometimes justifiably so, and their star shines brightly on the front page for a short time before flickering out again. 

Meet Nancy Mace, serving as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district since January 3, 2021. As a moderate Republican, she has been an advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and conservative principles during her time in office. 

But Mace now finds herself thrown under the spotlight and can’t escape her newfound fame as the newest liberal media target. And it doesn’t help that she continues to provide them with ammunition. 

Mace first drew national attention due to a “gerrymandering” case involving her district’s congressional maps after the 2020 census. Initially, federal judges accused the redrawn maps of using race to favor Republicans. The case reached the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), which ultimately determined that racial considerations had no influence on the map redistricting. 

Suddenly, people who had no idea that South Carolina even had a 1st congressional district began to hear the name Nancy Mace and the liberal media seized on the opportunity to bash her every move. 

To be fair, it’s easy to do. 

Mace was one of eight Republicans who sided with Democrats to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. She has doubled down on her decision, citing “unfulfilled promises” involving issues such as legislation regarding rape and gun laws. But some experts wonder if it was a “political stunt,” and others believe her decision was related to personal issues she had with the Speaker. 

Her move made her the focus of Republican ire. She says that since her vote, she has been “threatened” by fellow Republicans to be removed from the conference and committees. In response, Mace made a bold and misguided ploy and chose to wear a T-shirt with the letter “A” emblazoned in bright red across the front to a candidate forum. It was a reference to the 19th-century classic novel, The Scarlet Letter.  

“I’m wearing the scarlet letter after the week that I just had, last week, being a woman up here and being demonized for my vote and for my voice,” she told reporters.  

The stunt didn’t stick the landing. In the novel, the protagonist wears the scarlet “A” as punishment for committing adultery and getting pregnant. It’s symbolic of shame, not a proud proclamation, and the liberal news outlets, as well as social media, had a field day. 

She also went rogue by posting an edited picture of herself on X with laser eyes, a la Joe Biden style. An odd choice she captioned with, “DC insiders want to kick me off committees and out of the GOP conference — for standing up for you!”  

Mace reversed her support for Representative Steve Scalise’s bid for House Speaker due to remarks he made comparing himself to David Duke in 2014, despite having endorsed him in 2020. She has instead backed Representative Jim Jordan, although she publicly admits to being a rape victim, and Jordan was accused of ignoring sexual assault claims during his time as an assistant coach at Ohio State. 

But Mace scored a victory against Whoopi Goldberg during a discussion about abortion on The View. She argued that states have the authority to regulate abortion, citing approval for late-term procedures in states like New York and California. Goldberg denied that any doctor would perform a late-term abortion, but Mace was quick to list Democrats like Biden and Harris who haven’t clarified their abortion limit positions or who have pushed for abortions up to and even past nine months. The show quickly went to a commercial break. 

Mace has now inexplicably positioned herself as a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump. It’s an about-face for a politician who harshly criticized Trump for his “role” in the January 6th riot.  

But while former President Trump has been evaluating various prominent women as potential running mates for the 2024 election, Mace is not one of them. Sources say that Trump “can’t stand her” and “doesn’t trust her,” confirming that “there’s no chance in hell” Mace will get the nod for VP. 

By now, Mace has had her share of the limelight and probably welcomes a break in her coverage. Fortunately, the liberal media is known for its short attention span, and it won’t be long before another Republican steps into the spotlight – that is if Mace can stop giving them new material.