White House Openly Sends Letter Instructing Media to Push “No Evidence” Claims in Impeachment Coverage 

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

If Americans thought the recent exposure of liberal censorship against conservatives would make the White House stop exerting influence over what the nation views, they were sorely mistaken. The White House Counsel’s office has sent a letter to major news organizations instructing them to “ramp up scrutiny” of House Republicans for “opening an inquiry based on lies.” 

The letter, sent to executives at CNN, the New York Times, CBS, the Associated Press, and even Fox News, claims that the impeachment inquiry has no supporting evidence and should “set off alarm bells for news organizations.” 

It’s reminiscent of the administration’s orders to ignore potential “misinformation” surrounding the Hunter laptop prior to the 2020 elections. But unlike the formerly secretive censorship activities of the White House, the administration has become even bolder and makes no attempt to hide its intentions to obstruct the public’s knowledge about the Biden corruption scandal. 

Liberal news organizations have published countless fraudulent “fact checks” to sway the public opinion, but the White House feels they should play a more active role in discounting the mountains of incriminating evidence Republicans have uncovered in the case. 

Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House Counsel’s Office, issued the letter Wednesday to the top news powerhouses, urging them to continue to emphasize that there is “no evidence” to support an impeachment. 

The White House Press Secretary, Sams, expressed concern about the tendency to frame impeachment as a mere process story. This often results in presenting the Republicans’ viewpoint countered by the White House’s perspective, which Sams argued is not in the best interest of the American public.  

Sams stressed that the public relies on the media to act “independently” and “hold those in power accountable.” It’s ironic that these instructions are being issued as a blanket template for news organizations to argue for the president’s lack of accountability. 

The letter goes on to point out that misinformation and falsehoods about the evidence are widespread, ranging from platforms like Facebook to networks like Fox News, and not questioning the Republican’s findings can lead to confusion. Sams cautions that reporting may inadvertently promote false premises and obscure the “truth” as the White House intends the public to see it. 

But the truth is not on the administration’s side, according to findings by the House Oversight Committee. On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reaffirmed that House Republicans have “uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct” that fuel the need for an impeachment inquiry.  

McCarthy, in his statement, asserted that their investigations had uncovered President Biden’s dishonesty regarding his awareness of his family’s foreign business dealings. He mentioned that eyewitnesses had provided testimony indicating the President’s involvement in numerous phone calls and interactions, as well as attending dinners that led to substantial financial transactions benefiting both his son and his son’s business associates. 

Furthermore, McCarthy pointed out that bank records indicated payments amounting to almost $20 million flowing to members of the Biden family and their associates through various shell companies. He noted that the Treasury Department had documented over 150 transactions involving the Biden family, some of which raised suspicions with U.S. banks. McCarthy also highlighted allegations of bribery involving a trusted FBI informant and suggested that President Biden had used his official position to coordinate with Hunter Biden’s business associates concerning Hunter’s role in the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma. 

Right on cue, the administration released instructions for newsrooms to counter the evidence and to increase their scrutiny of the inquiry less than 24 hours later. 

Sams claims that Following nearly nine months of investigation, House Republicans have “failed to produce” any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden. The letter supports the idea that House Republicans, led by Marjorie Taylor Greene, are initiating an unfounded impeachment inquiry against President Biden, even though “numerous GOP members openly acknowledge the absence of supporting evidence.” 

The letter proceeds to cite several GOP lawmakers who have expressed reservations about commencing an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. It references a report indicating that approximately 30 House Republicans do not believe there is currently sufficient evidence to justify impeachment. 

In a laughable comment within the letter, Sam describes impeachment as a “weighty, infrequent, and momentous process” guided by the Constitution’s stipulation of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The administration’s memory of the two baseless impeachments levied against former President Donald Trump seems to be as faulty as Biden’s own memory. 

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the left continues to cling desperately to claims of “no evidence” of corruption even as the proof continues to pile up. it’s plain to see that the liberal media is, once again, just following orders.