What Trump Says to Questions About Making DeSantis is VP

Hunter Crenian / shutterstock.com
Hunter Crenian / shutterstock.com

As both former President Donald Trump and now-presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’s popularity continues to increase, the question of the two pairing up in the White House has become an even bigger notion. However, it seems Trump isn’t too keen on the idea.

During a Monday airing of a Todd Starnes Show, Trump voiced his opinion on the idea and pretty much ruling it out.

When asked, Trump said, “I don’t like saying anything is like, impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely, I would think.”

Of course, the main reason he doesn’t think it’s that likely is thatTrump considers the whole idea of DeSantis running against him to be pretty disloyal, which is a BIG thing for the former president.

Trump has mentioned several times over the past few months when the rumors about a possible DeSantis run began swirling, that if not for Trump’s support and adding DeSantis to a few of his rallies, the Florida governor wouldn’t be where he is today.

And now, for DeSantis to be running against him, Trump considers it a slap in the face of sorts.

He noted to Starnes that had DeSantis not chosen to run, the notion of him being selected as Trump’s VP would be a “distinct possibility.”

But it’s not now.

Of course, he can’t rule the idea out completely yet, either.

However, Trump does have another reason for not wanting to choose DeSantis, should he win the nomination.

As you know, both Trump and DeSantis are from Florida. And constitutional law requires electors to vote for at least one person who isn’t from their own state. So should the two Floridians be paired together, which is technically legal, it would bar all of Florida from voting for them, essentially forfeiting Florida’s Electoral College votes.

Let’s just say that’s not exactly an ideal scenario to win the general election or a likely one.

But as Trump implies, anything this still possible at this point.