WEF Calls for Arrests of People Who Mention Vaccine Deaths on Social Media

asiandelight / shutterstock.com
asiandelight / shutterstock.com

There was a lot happening at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week. In addition to having a witch spit in their faces and spending $2,500 per night on hookers, the globalist freaks in attendance spent an awful lot of time worrying about your freedom of speech rights. They’re especially upset that people continue to point out deaths from the COVID vaccines on social media. The solution to this, according to the globalists, is simply to have governments begin arresting anyone who mentions obvious vaccine deaths online.

The globalists would very much prefer it if you did not notice the alarming numbers of young and healthy people who suddenly died after being injected with their experimental mRNA shots. You’re supposed to ignore it when a healthy young pole vaulter like 29-year-old Shawn Barber collapses and dies suddenly. Why can’t you just believe the globalists when they tell you that things have always been this way?

People also noticed the untimely death of sportswriter Shawn Dickson earlier this month. Dixon was a smarmy vaccine cheerleader who belittled and insulted tennis star Novak Djokovic over his refusal to take the vaccine. The Biden regime wouldn’t allow Djokovic to compete in tennis tournaments here in the US because of his refusal to take the shots. They wouldn’t allow him into the country. Dickson wrote that Djokovic’s decision was a “strange hill to die on.”

Ironically, Djokovic is still alive today. Dickson collapsed and died suddenly while covering the Australian Open this month. Those of us who are lifelong sports fans will all tell you the same thing. We’ve never seen coaches, athletes, and journalists dying at the rates that have been happening since the rollout of the COVID shots.

If you speculate on Twitter/X that the deaths of people like Barber or Dickson may have been caused by the COVID shots, the WEF wants you arrested for spreading “misinformation.” What are they going to do about life insurance companies?

Most major life insurance carriers were announcing by late 2021 that they were seeing unprecedented numbers of people dying ahead of their time. This was happening to the tune of billions of dollars in payouts. What were people supposed to think was happening? The life insurance companies knew. The COVID shots were causing working-aged people to die, and it was skewing the risk pools for granting life insurance policies.

One insurance analyst estimated that there were 600,000 excess deaths (over the five-year average) in America between 2021 and 2022. Maybe the insurance companies were expected to lie to everyone, just like the media and the medical establishment.

The website GoodSciencing.com has compiled more than 2,000 instances of athletes suffering from cardiac arrest since the rollout of the COVID shots. Nearly 1,500 of those athletes died from the injuries to their hearts. In the roughly 50-year period prior to the rollout of the shots, the number of athlete deaths worldwide from cardiac arrest was nearly too small to be counted. The occasional marathon runner would have a heart attack or a basketball player with a rare, undiagnosed heart condition, but that’s about it. 12-year-old volleyball players didn’t start dying from heart attacks or strokes until after the rollout of the shots.

It doesn’t seem like a very good plan to arrest people for pointing out scientific truths. For one thing, far too many people now realize that the COVID shots were a dangerous experiment that killed a lot of people needlessly. There are probably far too many vaccine skeptics by now for them to arrest all of us.