Watch: Someone Thought it Would Be a Good Idea to Slap a Flamethrower on a Robot Dog

Willrow Hood /
Willrow Hood /

Is Congress ever going to step in and regulate the growing and terrifying industry of robot combat dogs powered by artificial intelligence? As if things couldn’t get any creepier, China is now creating robot dogs with rifles, and an American company has now built a robot dog with an attached flamethrower. Is anybody in charge paying attention to this stuff, or is this just something we’re going to do now?

We have a lot of bad ideas in our society right now. We have a weather cult setting public policy. Bad idea. We give out government jobs and contracts based on skin color. Bad idea. We allow the Democrats to steal elections. Bad idea. They’re making a woke “Back to the Future 4.” Bad idea.

But of all the bad ideas floating around, is there anything worse than the idea that we should make armed combat robots and then set them loose with an artificial intelligence program running them? Seriously?!

A company called “Throwflame” has now invented the “first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog.” The company brags that their flamethrower robot dog can shoot ARC flames up to 30 feet away. The companies making these robot dogs are installing OpenAI’s ChatGPT upgrades on them to make them even more intelligent.

In the world of bad ideas, this one is colossal. What happens when one of these murder bots gets off the leash (pun intended) and decides to start wiping out innocent civilians on a school playground? Nothing good.

Behold the terror of the future coming to you soon because Congress is so busy fretting about Ukraine and other non-important BS.