Vladimir Putin Admits US Elections Are Rigged by Mail-in Voting

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com
Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that past elections in the United States have been rigged, especially through mail-in voting. Although Putin’s description of the process by which this happened was a little off in the details, he’s not wrong. Most Americans watched in horror as the 2020 election was stolen right in front of our eyes, and numerous elections since then have been impacted by cheating.

Putin remarked in an interview this week, “In the United States, previous elections were falsified through postal voting … they bought ballots for $10, filled them out, and threw them into mailboxes without any supervision from observers, and that’s it.”

He’s 100% correct, and everyone knows it. CBS News found at the Iowa caucuses last Monday that 88% of Republican voters believe Joe Biden was not legitimately elected. The 2020 results never should have been certified due to all the mail-in ballot fraud that took place.

The problem hasn’t stopped. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, last year’s mayoral race was overturned by a court when it was proven that city employees had stuffed ballot drop boxes with votes for the incumbent mayor. The city has to hold a do-over election on January 23rd to finally figure out who the real mayor is.

A county election in Alabama is currently being litigated due to suspected mail-in ballot fraud. Three separate candidates in three different local elections in New Jersey (all Democrats) were arrested last year for committing mail-in ballot fraud. The problem is rampant, and it’s always Democrats engaging in it.

Putin gets it. When are Republicans in Congress going to wise up and finally ban the practice of mail-in voting in federal elections, as all civilized countries do?