UK’s 43 Knife Attackers per Day Proves Why the Second Amendment Is a Must-Have

Denis---S /
Denis---S /

Looking at a new piece from the British publication The Telegraph, it becomes plain as day why our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment. As the tyrants who wrongfully tried imposing their will on them have subsequently disarmed their populace in the name of “safety,” they have seen a staggering statistic emerge. Knife attacks are surging and now growing at their fastest rate in five years.

With 43 attacks per day, many of them are coming from the capital city of London, compliments of the 46,000 gang members that make up the country’s known 200+ gangs. Even with their strict gun laws, the island nation has seen a 6% increase in gun attacks due to such high levels of crime. In what seems like a standard week in Chicago, London has reported a shocking number of 90 killings in 2023, with 20 coming in the last month alone.

Per an officer with the Metropolitan Police, “It really does feel like things are getting out of control… The volume and the ferocity of the violence that we are seeing is off the charts. I have been on the job for almost 25 years and I have never known it as bad as this. Ultimately it is all about money, but violence can explode for the smallest of reasons and before you know it you have gang members, many of them very young, carrying out tit-for-tat attacks…You have online squabbles that escalate so quickly into violence.”

Here in the US, having the Second Amendment helps prevent these kinds of attacks. Criminals don’t like taking a chance they’ll be shot. That’s why they pick the soft targets. It’s like George Washington said (probably): “Stay strapped or get clapped.”