Trump Scores Another Major Legal Victory

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump has more than his share of legal difficulties at present. But at least one of them is going his way – and by that, I mean going away completely.

If you didn’t know it, Trump and his Trump Organization have been involved in a number of investigations and lawsuits in recent years, most coming out of New York, where several parties have claimed that the Trump family misrepresented a number of property values to ensure lower property taxes or loan rates.

One such investigation began in 2021 by NY District Attorney Mimi Rocah, according to The New York Times.

But as Business Insider just reported, that case has now been officially closed, with no charges brought against Trump, his family, or his organization.

Rocah has hired a special prosecutor to investigate whether or not Trump undervalued his National Golf Club Westchester in particular, claiming doing so would lower his property taxes. But that special prosecutor, Elliot Jacobson, could never find anything to stick.

The Times said, “He found that the evidence collected in the investigation couldn’t support criminal charges, regarded conduct outside the statute of limitations, or overlapped with investigations underway by other law enforcement officials.”

To be sure, other investigations do deal with the same allegations. Well, kind of.

The one brought against the Trump Organization in September of 2022 by New York Attorney General Letitia James actually claims the opposite – that Trump inflated the values of his properties.

So which is it? Did he deflate the values or inflate them?

In any case, it’s looking more and more likely that Trump did neither, and these “investigations” are just what he has said they are all along – a witch hunt to make him ineligible to run and win the Oval Office again.

Too bad it won’t work.