Trump Says He’s Willing to Go to Jail

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Windover Way Photography /

Those who stand up against tyranny, corruption, and wrongdoing have always been threatened with persecution. For some, that threat causes them to stand down. But for the brave and the few actually fearless leaders, there is no stopping them.

And the latter is what former President Donald Trump can definitely be described as, particularly after a speech made by him on Monday.

As you know, Trump is no stranger to persecution. Hell, since he announced his bid for the presidency in 2015, it seems that’s all he’s endured.

First, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, accused him of “Russian collusion.” Then, he was accused of colluding with Ukraine and even bribery. And then, of course, after January 6, 2021, he was allegedly the mastermind behind the incursion at the Capitol that day.

Those things, in combination with all of his successes as president, made the progressive movement dislike him even more. Enough so even that they cheated our 2020 election and ousted Trump illegally.

And then they had the gall to say it was him who was cheating – all because he questioned those questionable elections. He is, in fact, enduring legal proceedings for that very thing as we speak.

Of course, that’s not the only thing.

Even after leaving the White House, it seems his very existence threatens the liberals, and so they’ve sought to keep him wrapped up in as many legal cases as possible. He’s been indicted four times so far in the last few months, with rumors of more to come. Should the Democrats get their way, Trump could see sentencing of some 400 years behind bars and untold amounts in fines and such.

As I mentioned above, much of this would have caused lesser men to give up and give in. or at the very least shut their mouths.

But Monday proved that’s not about to be how Trump goes out.

Instead, he’s promised to keep on talking and keep on standing up for what’s right and for Americans, even if it means he goes to jail.

Remember that election inference case I mentioned above? Well, the judge overseeing that case has recently issued a “gag order” against Trump, essentially barring him from talking about the case, what he’s been accused of, etc.

And at a campaign rally in Clive, Iowa, Trump vowed that he would not be acquiescing so easily.

“The only way they can catch me is to stop me from speaking. They want to take away my voice. But this is weaponry all being done because Joe Biden is losing the election and losing very, very badly to all of us in the polls. He’s losing badly.”

Then he added, “But what they don’t understand is that I am willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and become a democracy again.”

As you can imagine, his bold words incited a full 20 seconds of uninhibited cheering, whistling, and all-out celebration.

Why? Why would people who support Trump be glad to hear he might go to jail?

Well, they wouldn’t be glad if he actually went, I’m sure. However, as Trump went on to explain, it’s become clear in recent years and months that this country has lost its way. We are no longer the brave but small democracy our founding fathers fought so hard for.

Instead, we have let fascism and tyranny take over from the top down.

If we have any hope of changing our current course and truly “making America great again,” some drastic measures are needed. And like anything worth really fighting for, there are some rather great risks involved if we are to win that battle. Risks like getting one of our best chances at restoring democracy thrown in jail.

Thankfully, Trump is strong and wise enough to realize that might be just what is needed, temporarily, of course.

I mean, can you imagine what the Republican base would do if they actually threw Trump in jail? When they indicted him, taking his mug shot and all, it only helped Trump to win more votes and more donations.

Besides, it’s not like anything they have on him will actually stick.

Facing persecution or not, it seems Trump is willing to do whatever it takes to wrest our great nation from the hands of the enemy.