Trump Considering a Former Opponent as VP Choice

Andrew Angelov /
Andrew Angelov /

With the 2024 presidential election and primaries heating up, it’s time for frontrunners such as Donald Trump to start seriously considering their choices for vice president. And for Trump, it seems the top choice is someone who once ran against him.

Enter 2016 Republican presidential candidate, brilliant brain surgeon, and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

According to the Calvin Coolidge Project, whose conservative X account has over 40,000 followers, Carson has been named as a huge possibility by “a source who is familiar with President Trump’s thinking.”

Per the source, Carson is currently the “leading frontrunner” for the seat of VP.

Naturally, many on social media wholeheartedly approve of the pairing.


Well, for starters, it is noted that despite being a Trump opponent in 2016, he has remained intently loyal to Trump in the years since. And let’s face it, that speaks mountains not only in this day and age but also for a man like Trump.

Trump’s been betrayed by those closest to him for so long; it’s no wonder that trust and loyalty would be big for him.

But a man like Carson could also do wonders for achieving optimal votes.

First of all, Carson has a successful medical background, which could persuade intellects that Trump has not completely turned his back on “science” as many assumed when he ousted Anthony Fauci.

Carson is also devout in his Christian faith, humble, and just the kind of man who sticks to his guns and principles no matter what he faces. Undoubtedly, this could only help Trump.

And while race certainly isn’t a factor for the Republican base or Trump, it definitely is for those a bit more left-leaning. Therefore, Carson’s heritage might be just enough to assuage those on the fence to vote for Trump if he has someone like Carson at his side.

What do you think? Would Carson make a good VP for Trump?