Squad Compassion: Force Families to Live with Criminals

Ekaterina_Minaeva / shutterstock.com
Ekaterina_Minaeva / shutterstock.com

The “squad” members are constantly telling us they care for American workers, the little guy, the downtrodden. So why, then, do they keep proposing laws that would only hurt them?

Their most recent came on Monday when Democrat Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley introduced a bill to make conducting background checks illegal for landlords.

As you can imagine, this would mean that should a convicted axe murderer or child molester ever want to move in next door to you, no one would ever know until something bad happens. Landlords would literally not be allowed to get a background check on prospective tenants.

Additionally, the bill would move to erase any convictions seven years old or older. So even if a criminal background check were conducted, crimes older than six years wouldn’t be included. Supposedly, this would create a new “national standard” for criminal information and allow reformed cons to escape their past.

Now, to be sure, I’m all for giving second chances when they’re deserved. And I’m a believer that people can change.

However, I don’t see how this bill will do much more than hurt hard-working, law-abiding citizens. This is quite literally choosing to cater to criminals over the American public.

Oh,’ you sexually abused a little girl? No problem, go ahead and move in right next to this family of four with two daughters.

Were you convicted of theft with violence? Take unit #5, right next door to the older gentleman with a lifetime of valuables.

I mean, seriously… This is just ridiculous.

Pressley and Tlaib have clearly chosen a side, and it’s not with their constituents or the American people. Instead, it’s with criminals.

It’s just a good thing the House is controlled by Republicans right now, making the likelihood of this bill passing very slim, if not completely impossible.