So Close: Biden Almost Breaks His Own Disapproval Record

President Joe Biden is proving that just when you think things are at their lowest, you can always still go lower. According to a CNN poll, Biden’s downward journey just keeps sliding south.  

CNN, Biden’s biggest cheerleader organization, was forced to acknowledge that their doddering hero has been on a ski slope of negativity. In January, Biden had less than half of America on his side, with a 45% approval rating. Who could have known that 45% was his personal best in 2023? He slid steadily downward, falling to 41% in July and now standing at an almost all-time low of 39%. 

As expected, the economy and the president’s fragile and questionable mental acuity are driving his numbers down. Over 58% of Americans feel that Biden’s policies have made the country’s economic situation worse, which is up from 50 percent a year ago. Meanwhile, only 26% of respondents believed that Biden has the energy and sharpness to be an effective president, down from 32% in March. 

In a hypothetical match between former President Donald Trump and Biden, Biden sits at 46% support, and Trump polls slightly higher at 47%. 

The White House refuses to acknowledge the country’s concern about Biden’s declining cognitive ability and is focusing on the president’s “economic and climate” achievements. 

It’s like throwing a concrete block to a drowning victim who can no longer remember how to swim or even what pool he is in. 

Democratic strategists insist that the only reason Biden’s approval ratings are so low is that the public has the wrong “perception” of his record. The entire White House strategy is to patiently and repeatedly explain to Americans that, despite their financial struggles at gas pumps and grocery stores, partnered with skyrocketing utility prices and out-of-control interest rates squashing any hopes of big purchases like cars or homes, they are thriving. 

Courtney Couillard, a research manager at the public opinion research firm HIT Strategies, claims that there’s a lack of awareness among the public regarding some of the Biden administration’s initiatives. Research, she insists, indicates that when voters become more informed about specific bills or plans, they tend to become more favorable toward them and gain confidence in the president’s ability to address these issues. In Couillard’s words, “It’s not that they dislike the president’s work. They simply haven’t become familiar with it yet.” 

Democratic pollster Mark Mellman agrees with Couillard, saying that there’s a significant gap between public perception and the actual reality. Mellman pointed out that the achievements of the president, such as his actions on climate, infrastructure, and various other issues, haven’t received sufficient attention. He believes the president’s low approval ratings represent a challenge to convey Biden’s accomplishments to the public. 

Biden recently marked one year since signing the historic Inflation Reduction Act and is promoting his “Bidenomics” agenda. However, according to CNN, most respondents believe that Biden’s policies have made the country’s economic conditions worse. 

Democratic strategists are expressing frustration over what they feel is a “disconnect” between how voters see the economy and inflation and what the current data represents. Inflation has decreased from 9 percent to 3 percent and is now at 3.5 percent, relatively under control. Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) explains, “I think we have to find some fresh ways of letting people know that the reality of what we’re seeing is little short of a miracle.” 

But it was Biden’s policies that brought Americans 9% inflation to begin with, and the true miracle will be convincing voters that they were worse off with the 1.4% inflation rate Biden inherited from Trump. And the inflation rate, which the White House proudly boasted had “fallen” to 3%, is trending upward again. 

Inflation is rising, unlike Biden’s approval ratings which are dangerously close to breaking his own record. Just over a year ago, his ratings were barely skirting 38%, and the President seems poised to meet and beat that record by the end of the year. 

Some Americans aren’t just counting on Biden’s slippery downward spiral – they’re betting on it. 

Sportsbooks and online betting sites are regularly providing odds for the President’s approval rating. On a monthly basis, they present odds on what President Biden’s approval rating will be at the start of the following month. This gives Americans a chance to cash in on President Biden’s fluctuating approval rating, which has faced significant challenges since he’s currently one of the least popular presidents in American history.  

Betting on Biden’s continued fall from grace is the only way Americans can benefit from this presidency.