Shocker! You Can’t Steal Ducks and Chickens Just Because You’re an Animal Rights Activist

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Why is it that animal rights activists always think that they can do whatever they want? They steal, they commit vandalism, and more. These are crimes – but they don’t focus on that because they are trying to end a message.

Recently in Sonoma County, California, some activists found out the hard way that they can and will be convicted of their crimes. Wayne Hsiung is an attorney and activist who decided that it would be a good idea to go to Sunrise Farms and Reichardt Duck Farm. He and his friends would go on to steal ducks and chickens. Why? According to them, these animals were being mistreated.

It took nearly a week for the court to deliberate on how Hsiung would be convicted. In the end, he received two misdemeanors and one felony charge. This is in connection not only for trespassing but also due to his connections with the 2018 and 2019 protests, the jury also charged him with conspiracy to commit trespass.

Hsiung was worried about the factory-farmed animals. He compared it to “the greatest source of terror and suffering in the history of our species.”

All of his crimes were aimed at getting the California government to take notice so that they could do more to protect animals.

At the trial, Hsiung represented himself. He spoke of Direct Action Everywhere, the nonprofit that he is a part of. He explains how the protests and theft is to raise awareness.

If it were just peaceful protests, he wouldn’t be in this mess. The theft is a crime – though he doesn’t actually want to acknowledge that part.

Hsiung has run into problems with the law before. He faced felony charges in North Carolina for stealing a baby goat from a farm.

He also faces charges in several other counties in California for his actions.

Unfortunately, Hsiung isn’t the only activist who believes theft is necessary to get attention. Many of them feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to violate property rights and steal simply because they don’t approve of how the animals are being treated.

The far-leftist agenda has to come to an end. If we can ensure that more face consequences for their actions, we can start having a better conversation about what is and isn’t right when it comes to the treatment of animals, whether they are our pets, our livestock or any others.