Senate Minority Leader McConnell Fed Up With Biden’s Underfunded Military

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee /

Under the new debit limit law being passed, budgets for various parts of American life have been significantly cut. With Democrats trying to put their socialist agenda plan into action, they have effectively hamstrung the American military. People like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

While a short-term US Army Reserve servicemember himself (thanks to eye problems), McConnell grew up on and around Army bases as a military brat. He has seen first-hand just how badly a low budget can impact the servicemen and their ability to complete a mission successfully. Talking to reporters he underscored the reality of the threat with China, as well as the ever-continuing threat of Ukraine.

“We just did our whole bill when it comes to the debt. If your first process is ‘I need a supplemental,’ you’re not paying attention, The senators are not paying attention to how the system works. We will go through the appropriation process, and we will do the numbers that we just agreed to. And the idea that they think they’re going to go around it is not going to work.”

As many Americans look to people like McConnell to make the best decisions for our country as President Mushmouth leads trips us up over sandbags and tries to send us into the poorhouse. A better-funded military pays off dividends for us as a nation and for the entire planet.

Given the projections of the US being drawn into conflict with China by 2025, putting up money now to have our defenses replenished and extra ammo and weapons on hand isn’t a bad idea. It will help to ensure the existence of the US and ensure our nation can do what it does best; protect those too poor, weak, or unprepared to defend themselves.