Rep. Luna (R-FL) Ready To See Biden Impeached

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Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) spoke with Fox News host Jesse Watters on July 31st about the Biden presidency. At this point, she is clearly over the noise surrounding this man and his family. She wants to see justice for the American people.

“The only way we will truly be able to present facts to the American people and to move forward with getting evidence out there is to launch an impeachment inquiry. And I’ve got news for you, Jesse, I was horrified I heard three Republicans saying they didn’t want to move forward for whatever reasons, and this was just a tit-for-tat impeachment. This is not just tit-for-tat impeachment. This guy is publicly corrupt. We have seen it. If I did it, if you did it, we would be in jail.”

Luna then continued by listing Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) as one of the three who were stonewalling the proceedings. She also directly called out the President for selling access to the US and its connections to countries that the US doesn’t like. Hunter and his dealings with Russian oligarchs were not left out either.

Just one of many, Luna is trying to keep the American people focused on what matters and not President Biden’s smoke and mirrors to distract us from crucial information. His presidency has so far destroyed our transportation and logistics system, decimated oil and gas prices, sent us into the biggest temperature spike ever (if their global warming myth was true), and caused most of our economy to collapse.

Yet, he and his band of nefarious crooks roam the halls in DC, destroying the American people one brick at a time. The level of destruction, chaos, and neglect by this administration is legendarily horrific. It has brought the US to almost irreparable levels. If something isn’t done, this could be it.