Putin Tells Ukraine That if They Want to Start Using Cluster Bombs He’ll Respond in Kind

Ivan_Sabo / shutterstock.com
Ivan_Sabo / shutterstock.com

In an interview with Russian media on July 16th, President Vladimir Putin discussed the idea of Ukraine having cluster bombs thanks to President Biden. Despite rampant objections to the transfer, Biden has elected to send the bombs over.

While Putin has no issues with it, he maintains that this might not be the kind of decision Ukraine truly wants.

Telling the interviewer the Russian Federation has a “sufficient stockpile” of cluster munitions and that Russia “reserves the right to take reciprocal action” should Ukraine decide to launch theirs. He also said, “Until now, we have not done this, we have not used it, and we have not had such a need.”

However, both the Associated Press and multiple humanitarian organizations claim to have documented it on both sides.

As of July 13th, the Pentagon reported the arrival of the munitions in Ukraine.

Designed as bombs that go from a singular munition into tens to hundreds of tiny ‘bomblets’, these munitions take away the necessary precision that comes with normal ordinance and instead become an area targeting.

In essence, it’s like going from a pinpoint-accurate, scoped rifle to a shotgun. These bombs still have generalized targeting to get them into the right area and to ‘burst’ at the right time.

One major problem with this kind of ordinance is the amount of ‘dud’ or unexploded bomblets that cluster bombs leave behind. These explosives can remain inert, go off without warning on their own, or explode when disturbed.

Given the total lack of stability, many nations have forbidden their use and believe they need to be taken off the table for conventional warfare.

A major problem exists with that kind of argument.

Nations that win at warfare are the nations that could care less about rules or doing the “right” thing. Instead, they win by having warfighters who are willing to do anything on their side.

Given the resources and advances in technology being given to both sides, they have the capabilities to make this battle far more destructive and deadly.

Proponents of the US’ gift to Ukraine argue that Russia has already been using them extensively and that the US munitions are better produced and, as such, have significantly fewer duds. Either way, Ukraine has already vowed not to use them in densely populated areas.

When the comments from Putin hit the wire, Ukrainian officials responded with their daily updates.

According to their claims, two Iranian-made Shahed exploding drones, two cruise missiles, two anti-aircraft guided missiles, 40 airstrikes, and 46 multiple rocket launcher attacks had been launched in the previous 24 hours.

Much like the rest of the Russian campaign, the fighting was primarily concentrated in the industrial heavy east, along with various points in the south. The decision by Russia to attack these areas is in keeping with their previous attempts to take Ukraine, all failed miserably.

Instead, Russia has done little but proven how incapable its military is.

For decades now, since the USSR fell, people have stumbled over themselves about how tough, well-disciplined, trained, and outfitted the Russian military was. From the onset of their attempts to rush Ukrainian civilians, they have been met with firm resistance and disgust by all who encounter them.

With even little old babushkas telling them to stuff their pockets with flower seeds so something beautiful can come from their death.

While the US and other NATO countries have kept a seemingly respectful distance from the actual fighting, the level of support they have provided the Ukrainians to expose just how weak the Russians are is huge.

While so far, it has only cost the American lives of those who knew the risks and chose to go there, we don’t need to be sending in troops to make things worse. Despite Biden’s recent recall of IRR and reserve soldiers, the cluster munitions are enough.