Pro Vaccine Doc Peter Hotez Challenged by Rogan on Podcast

Rokas Tenys /
Rokas Tenys /

Joe Rogan has been outspoken about the potential harm of the COVID vaccines since the very beginning. Research was rushed. We have no idea what the long-term side effects are. And the federal government did everything it could to force them onto everyone.

And we’ve seen how many have been harmed by the COVID vaccines.

Robert F Kennedy Jr has also been outspoken about the harm of the COVID vaccines.

As such, it’s only natural that we’ve seen Rogan and RFK Jr join forces to question the vaccines and the benefits that they could offer.

Meanwhile, we have Dr. Peter Hotez, who has been one of the most outspoken medical doctors who have been pro-vaccine from the beginning.

Hotez shared an article that criticized RFK Jr on Rogan’s podcast. That’s when the doc really stepped into it because anti-vaxxers across Twitter decided to attack.

Now, Hotez claims that he’s dealing with death threats, hate mail, and more after being so critical about both Rogan and RFK Jr.

Rogan has decided to try to make peace of it all. He’s invited Dr. Hotez onto his Spotify podcast so that he can debate RFK Jr about the supposed misinformation that is being spread by the presidential candidate. Rogan said if the doc agreed, he’d even donate $100,000 to Hotez’s charity of choice.

Hotez has said that he’ll go onto the Rogan podcast but that he would not debate RFK Jr because he doesn’t want to “turn it into the Jerry Springer show.”


Meanwhile, Kennedy’s team has said, “People like Dr. Hotez who harangue the public about the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines should be prepared to defend their views in public as well.”

With so many publicized poor outcomes of the COVID vaccines, it’s surprising that Hotez is continuing to maintain his position.

It’s unlikely he’ll succumb to a debate on the Rogan show, but we can certainly hold out hope for it to happen.