Of Course, Trump is Going to Put on a Show at Trial

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

I’m not sure the Democrats have this whole ‘Let’s take Trump to court’ thing through very well. And after one of his latest statements, I bet they are having second thoughts.

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump took time to interview with conservative podcaster Hugh Hewitt. Naturally, the recent indictments and subsequent trials came up during their time together.

And while most of what Trump said, referring to all the indictments as “election interference,” isn’t anything new for him, he did make one serious of statements that should pretty much terrify the political left.

It all came as an answer to Hewitt’s question of whether or not Trump will “testify in your own defense.”

Naturally, Trump said yes. Actually, he said, “Oh, yes, absolutely.”

And while that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, I believe when Democrats hear it, they may begin to wonder if they made the right decision in using these indictments to go after Trump and supposedly get him out of the race for the White House.


Well, as Trump pointed out, he did it before, and it worked very much in his favor. He told Hewitt, “That I would do. That I look forward to it because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia… I look forward to testifying. At trial, I’ll testify.”

And anything Trump is looking forward to should worry those against him.

Plus, he’s correct.

Back in 2016, when he was accused of Russia collusion and all that, Democrats pretty much gave Trump all the air time he could want. Undoubtedly, the thought must have been that all of Trump’s little idiosyncrasies would be the rope he’d hang himself with. You know, the glaring superlatives, the constant repetition, the odd stream of consciousness. It’s all enough to make even the most loyal MAGA supporter cringe at moments.

And yet, all that only drew the average American to him more. By August of that year, it was clear that Trump would win not only the GOP nomination but most likely the presidency – and all because Democrats let him speak for himself.

Of course, at about the time he won the nomination, they suddenly realized their mistake and stopped giving him so much time in front of the press. Then again, he began taking on a more presidential speaking style and image. Neither of which was good for the left.

Jump forward to today, and as Trump said, things aren’t that much different.

Sure, the media still doesn’t give him all that much publicity anymore. But the constant attacks and indictments are making up for those.

I mean, just look at what Trump did with his mug shot.

What would have been a complete embarrassment to most – even a career ender – has now made the 45th president literal millions in donations and more supporters than ever before.

And now, he will be given time to stand before a grand jury and speak his piece.

Yeah, I don’t see how this is going to look good for Democrats at all.

Besides, at this point, we pretty much all agree with Trump that none of this would be happening if Trump weren’t winning the race for the presidency again. He’s a threat to the establishment and political left, and they know it.

So, you can bet they are bringing in the big guns, using everything they can to go after Trump.

“They said, ‘We can never let this happen again.’ They cheated like dogs… I did much better the second time than I did the first. And they know that better than anybody. And now we’re going to do it again.”

Unfortunately, Trump seems to be a master at turning all that bad into good for himself and those around him. You can bet that no matter what they bring against him, he will turn it back on them and only prove himself as America’s favorite.

Oh, did I mention that the Fulton County trial will be televised?

I guess we’ll see you in court…