Now the Taxpayers Are Paying for Illegal Alien Laundry Service

Dean Drobot /
Dean Drobot /

The taxpayers in Washington, DC are being stiffed for tens of millions of dollars because of Joe Biden’s illegal alien surge. More than 1,300 illegals have ended up in DC since Biden threw the border wide open. To add insult to injury, the local government in DC is now footing the bill to pay for hotels to house the criminal invaders, three meals a day, and security to keep people away from the hotels. Taxpayers are even footing the bill to do the invaders’ laundry.

The Washington Post reported last week that the city of DC, which is populated by wealthy bureaucrats, politicians, and the poor blacks who make up their servant class, is paying for everything for illegals living in local hotels. Taxpayers are spending $3.6 million on a contract with a soul food restaurant that’s feeding them three hot meals a day.

Mental health services for the illegals are expected to cost around $1.7 million. Think about that for a second. Trump is right—foreign countries are emptying out their prison and insane asylums and dumping their problems here.

Taxpayers are also paying $1.1 million on a separate contract to do the illegals’ laundry. Is Joe Biden paying for your laundry? That would be nice, but he hates you and loves the illegals, obviously.

Another $4.5 million is budgeted to provide security for the illegals. Keep in mind all these cumulative expenses are for one hotel. The total bill for that is around $12 million. The illegal alien kids have also flooded the school system in DC, which is expected to need another $4 million for the next school year to accommodate them. Classrooms will be more crowded, too, but sacrificing your own child’s education to accommodate lawbreakers is the nice thing to do, right?