Nike is Going Gender-Neutral — Are They Going Too Far?

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The LGBTQ community represents less than one percent of the American population. And yet, with the demands that they have, you would think that they represent considerably more. They demand that brands bend the knee and give them what they want.

It’s why you see Target celebrating Pride Month with a large collection of clothing.

It’s why you see Old Navy offering a gender-neutral line.

And now, it seems that Nike has decided to buy into it all, too. They’ll be introducing a gender-neutral line in the near future.

An email has allegedly been circulating within Nike HQ. It will be a “gender-inclusive” line of clothing for children. Supposedly, it is identified as “Kids One Fit” so that it is capable of fitting every child’s body and is inclusive of the trans population.

The slogan? “Changing the Game.”

Was there something wrong with the game the way it was? Why change it so that a small population hell-bent on telling kids that they can change their gender as easily as they change their pants can dominate?

Throughout June and July, it seems that Nike will be rolling out a variety of events designed to help celebrate their new line as well as the “determination” that is happening within communities to bring peace.

Peace? That’s an odd word for hateful protests and violent outbursts when the LGBTQ community gets mad that a certain group doesn’t like what they have to say – or what they want to wear to kid-friendly events.

We’re supposed to be tolerant of them – and yet, they can’t be tolerant of us and our Christian and conservative views. It’s typical Democratic hypocrisy.

Considering that we just watched how Bud Light went broke with their trans Dylan Mulvaney campaign, it’s unusual that Nike would decide to also choose Mulvaney.

Here’s a video that Sky News shared of Mulvaney modeling sports bras for Nike:

Apparently, this is what Nike thinks the world wants. Meanwhile, it’s unlikely that women anywhere will want what Nike has to offer anymore since the sports apparel company doesn’t even know what a woman is these days.