Nearly 3/5 of Illegals Stealing Welfare

Tijana Moraca /
Tijana Moraca /

After President Biden lifted former President Trump’s landmark COVID policy, Title 42, back in May 2023, many on the left tried twisting this idea into the best decision for the nation. In his mind, it made sense and allowed for the reallocation of funding and resources into other parts of the country. Unfortunately, all that we have gotten so far is overrun by groups of illegals who bring drugs, gangs, prostitution, and violence to our country. That’s leaving out those with ties to terrorism showing too.

Now analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows that these illegals are doing what conservatives always knew these unskilled people would do; sucking off the teat of freedom and stealing our welfare. Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler analyzed the data and found that immigrants across the board are using more welfare than native-born Americans, with illegals using it the most.

Per their figures, roughly 59% of households in the US run by an illegal immigrant are on one form of welfare or another. Meanwhile, 52% of legal immigrants are using it to try and live that American dream. Compared to the less than 40% of native-born Americans, and it becomes obvious who the real drains on our society are.

As the CIS researchers noted, “… this is primarily because the American welfare system is designed in large part to help low-income families with children, which describes a large share of immigrants.”

Much of their use comes from food stamps, Medicaid benefits, and the Earned Income Tax Credits. “Compared to households headed by the United States-born, immigrant-headed households have especially high use of food programs (36 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), Medicaid (37 percent vs. 25 percent for the U.S.-born), and the Earned Income Tax Credit (16 percent vs. 12 percent for the U.S.-born),” wrote CIS researchers.

Just last month, CIS researchers unveiled just how bad the immigration problem in the US has gotten, with 49.5 million foreign-born residents in the US. Compared to the 9.7 million in 1960, this marks a significant uptick and fails to adequately account for those who just showed up here illegally. As it stands, just under 10% of that figure (4.5 million) of these foreign-born residents came since January 2021.

This figure and the policies that support them coming here, as well as the US government then funding their existence here, have come under intense scrutiny in recent months. It’s a situation that the Biden regime has only complicated, and one they seem to be looking towards as a way to shore up their positions for decades to come.

Along with stealing welfare, multiple voting districts have also been allowing them the privilege to vote. While not allowed to vote in Presidential elections due to federal laws, many are being allowed to have their say in local elections. In doing so, they can not only help keep their welfare gravy train rolling but also make things simpler for other illegals going forward.

This is something the American people have noticed, with federally registered voters telling pollsters that enough is enough. Simply put, they want to take America back. Per the most recent Rasmussen Reports, 56% of those who are likely to vote want to see legal immigration scaled back to 750k people per year. An unspecified amount went even further and took that figure down to 500k.

Since these illegals want to keep taking the welfare, we need to simply bring back some of the old programs. “Welfare to Work” was an excellent program that allowed welfare recipients to earn their “paycheck” by taking on small jobs that were harder to fill due to low budgets. Painting school classrooms and picking up trash were just some of the ‘jobs’ this program made, and it worked.

Or they can just walk on down and see a recruiter and try to sign up. At least then, it’s a career, even though welfare pays better.