NBA Player Announces First Sneakers with “Visible Bible Verses”

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If you know much about the NBA, you’ve likely noticed that in the past decade or so, the league has turned increasingly woke and left-leaning. Thankfully, not all players fall into this category.

Take power forward for the Orlando Magic team, Jonathan Isaac, for example.

Isaac is actually a very outspoken and bold Christian, never failing to give glory for his talent and wins to his Heavenly Father and not his own abilities.

But that’s not good enough for Isaac.

So he’s recently come up with a plan to get God’s message out there even more. He’s doing it with shoes.

Introducing the Judah 1, his new signature basketball sneakers. While these awesome-looking shoes provide foot stability and performance on the court, Isaac created them to also visibly portray God’s word. There is a visible Bible verse on every shoe.

As Isaac posted about his recent creations, “Most people see the ‘Judah 1’ as an outlandish endeavor… shoot, when we first started, so did I. I was afraid that delivering a sneaker that represented our values without compromising style or performance was too tall a task. But here we are!!”

And the promotional video for the new shoes is even better.

In it, Isaac explains what it means to live out ‘freedom’ and stand up for what you believe. And that means you have to “live bold,” even if it’s unpopular or others don’t like it.

“Making a decision to be authentically you, no matter what anybody has to say about it, no matter what anybody thinks, no matter what you may face or come up against…” That’s living courageously.

And as Isaac says, it’s exactly what he encourages everyone to do. It’s how he got to where he is today. Plus, thanks to his sneakers, you can now do so in style and comfort.