More Aid to Ukraine? Seriously?

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The economy in the United States is shot to hell. We’re paying more for everything, and yet the entire Biden administration keeps lying to say that everything is going well. There are countless things that could be done to help the American people.

And yet, Biden isn’t interested in helping Americans. We’ve known that from the start.

Do you know who he is interested in helping? Ukrainian officials. That’s right. Zelensky is asking for more aid to ward off Russia. And the White House will, of course, send it.

We’ve already seen how Zelensky uses the money. He and his officials drive around in fancy cars. Zelensky’s wife walks around dripping with jewelry. And most of his government officials are taking luxury vacations and buying expensive villas around the world.

The war between Russia and Ukraine should have been over already. It’s been going on for over a year – and honestly, I don’t even want to do the research to say how much we’ve already sent to Ukraine. It will be a disgusting amount, and my stomach just can’t take it.

Putin isn’t planning on letting up on Ukraine anytime in the near future.

As I see it, we have one option: Let Ukraine fall. Seriously, will it really impact us as Americans that much? Doubtful. Russia had Ukraine once. Let them have it. At least, then, Zelensky can get a wake-up call. And the US can start to save some money.

The reality is that Zelensky is delusional. This is a recent tweet:

He keeps talking about victory, but we’ve heard this song and dance before. He promises that if we send more money and more arms, there will be a victory. Is he actually ever going to deliver? Nope, not until all of his officials have the money, the cars, and the dream homes they’ve always wanted. And even then, the greedy bastards may still not be able to defeat Putin.

If only we could have a President that would simply say, “no.”

Instead, we have John Kirby announcing, “Our focus is on making sure that they have what they need to succeed, whether it’s training, tools, equipment, and you’re gonna see another round of support announced from this administration for Ukraine in terms of weapons and capabilities this week. We are focused on that, that’s where our heads are.”

It’s a shame that the administration’s focus isn’t on making sure the American people have what they need to succeed.