Moderna’s “Misinformation Department” Censored Vaccine Discussions 

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America is still reeling from the Biden administration’s astonishing censorship scandal. It turns out, however, that the White House had some unexpected help from big pharma in its “battle against vaccine misinformation.” 

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Moderna has created a Misinformation Department, and it’s been quite busy censoring dissenting opinions regarding the effectiveness and potential dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines on social media platforms like Facebook and X. 

Moderna’s under-the-radar Misinformation Department is dedicated to monitoring, flagging, and censoring content that contributes to “vaccine hesitancy,” alleged “disinformation” regarding the efficacy and side effects of the jab, and critics of vaccine mandates. In addition to flagging or removing vaccine “disinformation,” the company tracks discussions regarding profits it made pushing its vaccinations. 

The department is supported by a pharmaceutical NGO, the Public Goods Project, and an AI organization. The department’s staff includes ex-law enforcement officers.  

According to a report, Moderna targeted Elon Musk because his platform is one of the most significant worldwide, and he allows users to post content that “elevates fringe vaccine opponents and conspiracy theorists.” 

The conspiracy theorists, of course, have been proven right in almost every aspect of their “conspiracies.” Moderna does not address any concerns raised by social media users. The department immediately labels the claims “disinformation” without providing any evidence that contradicts the claims. 

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently confronted Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel for promoting the pharmaceutical company’s own “misinformation campaign.” “I’d like to enter into the record six peer-reviewed papers… that say the complete opposite of what you say,” Paul stated, adding, “I also spoke with your President just last week, and he readily acknowledged in private that yes, there is an increased risk of myocarditis.” He concluded, “The fact that you can’t say it in public is quite disturbing.” 

The Intercept investigative journalist Lee Fang explained the magnitude of the censorship. He revealed documents exposing the massive effort to influence the narrative on social media, online platforms, and news media. This initiative targeted COVID-19 policies, vaccine information, and vaccine policies, not only at Moderna but also at other vaccine manufacturers, Pfizer included. 

Earlier this year, the Twitter files revealed that partners collaborating with Moderna, such as PGP and other NGOs, had direct access to Twitter’s executives. Additionally, they collaborated with Google and Facebook in shaping content moderation policies. 

According to Stanford University professor of medicine, economics, and health research policy Dr. Jay Bhattacharya explained that Moderna, using PGP, paid health professionals to defame and personally attack vaccine critics and to flag or censor people who disagree with the COVID vaccines on social media, even if what they post is true. 

Fang noted that the information Moderna censored contained valid points for public debate. The mandate debate, for instance, revolved around the forced application of public policy that favored only a handful of corporations. He argued that the mandates failed to boost vaccination rates. Instead, he noted, they led to the termination of tens of thousands of Americans from their jobs.  

Fang went on to observe that the mandates allowed the government to compel individuals to purchase a specific product and administer it to their bodies. The journalist went on to add that the mandates were a violation of bodily autonomy and warranted increased debate, not censorship. 

For Moderna, it’s less about combatting legitimate “disinformation” than it is to silence those whose opinions or concerns may cut into their bottom line. According to the company’s financial records, Moderna generated $18.5 billion in 2021 and $19.3 billion in 2022. Notably, by the current year’s third quarter, its earnings amounted to only $3.9 billion.  

Pfizer also lost momentum this year. Last year, Pfizer recorded $37.8 billion in sales of its Covid vaccine. Looking ahead, Pfizer anticipates a potential decline in revenue for 2023, estimating a range of $67 billion to $71 billion, a projected decrease of 33%. 

Earlier this year, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member and former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, was blasted for his role in collaborating with big tech to address the “misinformation” surrounding Pfizer’s vaccines. 

For pharmaceutical companies and big-pharma-owned politicians, COVID-19 was a dream come true. For years, the government and vaccine manufacturers collaborated to silence “conspiracy theorists” so they could continue to “jab” America into submission, maintain total control, and line their pockets. And now, less than six months ahead of the 2024 election, liberals are trying to stoke the flames of fear in a COVID-weary America. But Americans are better informed this time, despite the elite’s best efforts. Here we go again, but America isn’t buying the narrative this time.