Mass Bomb Threats Empty State Capitols

Fer Gregory /
Fer Gregory /

Welcome to 2024, where we just saw one of the strangest acts of terrorism occurred. The terrorists used standard mass email – and 23 states were forced to shut down their State Capitols so bomb squads and other law enforcement and federal officials could inspect.  Multiple Secretaries of State as well as general state offices were included in the messages.

As identified by CNN who obtained a copy of the email, the message stated that explosives had been placed in their state Capitol. The email failed to specify which state or Capitol.

When the email was received, Capitol proceedings in Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan, and Minnesota were forced to halt. In those buildings, no explosives or threatening items were identified.

After the Mississippi Department of Public Safety was able to efficiently clear the Mississippi State Capitol, State Senator Brice Wiggins took to social media. “The building was thoroughly searched, and no explosives or suspicious equipment were found. Sick individuals, who need to be prosecuted, will not stop us from doing our jobs.”

Unsurprisingly, the FBI also released their statement.

“The FBI is aware of the numerous hoax incidents wherein a bomb threat at a state Capitol is made. The FBI takes hoax threats very seriously because it puts innocent people at risk. While we have no information to indicate a specific and credible threat, we will continue to work with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to gather, share, and act upon threat information as it comes to our attention. We urge the public to remain vigilant, and report any and all suspicious activity and/or individuals to law enforcement immediately.”

Just as these buildings were forced to empty due to these meritless threats, this needs to be looked at with the same scrutiny. This is not only a waste of resources and potentially poses a huge risk to the people who work there, but it also serves as a potential for testing for a terrorist attack. Staging a fake attack or bombing to test the response timing is not uncommon. We have seen various groups use these tactics across the globe for ages.

Given the widespread reach of the current conflict in Israel and the heavy involvement of Iran, it certainly is not an unreasonable reason to be concerned with the reality of them threatening the US. Threats like these are expected to become more common as we draw closer to the 2024 Presidential Election. President Biden has angered people from all walks of life around the globe. Much the same, many are refusing to consent to the idea of four more years of President Trump.

That’s not to mention the Ukraine crisis Biden keeps trying to be involved with or the number of people Hunter Biden has angered. Plus, the radical extremist groups Biden has allowed to grow and thrive in American cities and the ever-increasing violence of the far-left, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Say what you will about Trump, but we didn’t have these kinds of threats when he was in charge, to be frank, the first day these attacks started happening on a large scale, was the day he left office. Perhaps the love/hate relationship of this polarizing President is the relationship the American people needed with one another. They needed someone to unite over and to meet about.

During the Trump administration, you would see the Conservative right offering up their platform to allow their opposition time to speak. Taking the angry wind out of their sails, they would suddenly find that we aren’t so different. Compare that the the ever-present hatred and violence that has come with the Biden administration, and it’s clear to see that he has destroyed this nation.

Let it be known; that this multi-state mass bomb threat is a direct reflection of the current administration. Our elected officials should be ashamed that a simple mass email like this shut down so many state agencies and that this President has encouraged such hatred to grow.