Man is Arrested After Finding “Weapons, a Prostitute, a Bunch of Dogs’ in His Home

Andrew Angelov /
Andrew Angelov /

The law is supposed to thwart criminality, right?

So why, then, does it seem to cater to criminals more than upstanding citizens?

Take the case of Tom Arko, for example.

Arko owns a number of rental properties in Decatur, Georgia. After renters moved out, he went to the home to see if any repairs were needed before getting new renters. When he walked in, he found squatters living there, complete with a man waving a gun at him.

Naturally, taken aback by the situation, Arko promptly left the property and called the police.

As he told WSB-TV, “I walked in on weapons, a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, my fence broke down.”

But hours later, it was Arko who was arrested. He was even charged with trespassing. Apparently, the people had told the cops that Arko was a home intruder and they were merely protecting themselves.

Six months later, Arko is still attempting to get his charges and the criminals squatting in his home rent-free thrown out. Oh, did I mention that since he found the squatters, there have been two drug overdoses in the house, according to the New York Post?Arko’s also been charged for building code violations on a property he couldn’t access.

And sadly, there are similar situations all across the US.

So much for the Constitution and property rights being respected…