Magic Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Worst VP of Them All (Still)?

lev radin /
lev radin /

Back in June, we talked about how poor of a job Kamala Harris has been doing. Her ratings have been in the toilet. And as much as people complain about her, she’s not doing anything to improve her likability.

She’s the absolute worst. And we’re not even talking about the fact that she has completely ignored the southern border. It goes on and on, from word salads to the inability to connect with literally any audience she is placed in front of.

Every poll shows that she is disliked – and most people are nervous about what it would mean for the country if Biden were to pass, leaving her as POTUS.

And the White House knows just how bad she is, too. That’s why she has zero responsibilities within the administration. Instead, they give her lame events to participate in periodically so she looks busy.

Douglass Emhoff is just as bad. As the Second Gentleman, he should be doing various things around the country. And yet, even as the first Jewish spouse of a VP and the first-ever husband of a VP, he’s doing nothing – for the country or for his wife.

A quick look at Kamala Harris’ Twitter page (you can follow her @VP) shows you what she’s up to. Don’t expect to get too excited.

She’s changed out her pride banner to simply fall leaves. So much for making a political statement…

Ahh, but I digress. Let’s take a deeper look into her Twitter activity.

She spent some time sharing charts about the GDP growing under Biden’s leadership. She’s not even bothering to take credit for any of that.

She welcomed Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, to the US for a visit. She had to take the lead on this one since Biden can barely stand upright.

Oh, and she went on and on about how there’s an attack on voting in the US. She doesn’t realize that there is no “attack.” We simply want fair elections instead of the hot mess that got her and Biden into office to begin with.

Where is the talk about the injustices going on in America? This STILL isn’t happening. Where is there talk about what she plans to REALLY do to help Americans who are actually in the country legally? You won’t hear her talk about anything like that for two reasons:

  1. She doesn’t care.
  2. She’s not allowed to get too heavily involved because she’s incapable of taking on the workload.

Biden is running with Harris as his second, again. We really need to make sure they don’t get another four years to destroy the country.