MA Wants Border Jumpers to Be Housed by Private Citizens

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In yet another sign that the Democratic party has gone absolutely off its rocker, Governor Maura Healey is asking those with homes and apartments with unoccupied bedrooms to take in the border jumpers and illegal aliens.

As first reported by WBUR, “Massachusetts officials are seeking residents willing to host newly arrived families in need of shelter. Hosts are asked to provide a room or apartment for a few days until longer-term accommodations can be arranged. A significant portion of the families in need of housing in the state are new immigrants. Many of those arriving in Boston have fled violence in Haiti and traveled through other states before coming to Massachusetts.”

With the state already on the hook for 40 hotels and motels across the state, Healey has kept these illegals away from big money destination towns like Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cambridge, or Newburyport. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by members of the media, even the mainstream.

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr wrote, “The Healey administration has released a list of the 28 cities and towns where it is spending millions on hotels and motels for thousands of handout-demanding illegals arriving from the Third World.

Oddly, however, almost all the ultra-affluent suburban communities most loudly committed to celebrating diversity have thus far been unable to provide suitable free housing for the new non-working classes.

With an estimated 316,000 illegals in Massachusetts, they don’t go unnoticed. Especially as many of them are residing in areas where they stand out like sore thumbs. In these areas with predominantly whites living there, these illegals coming largely from Haiti are easy to notice and difficult to accommodate.

By asking the people of MA to open their homes, the Governor made a grave mistake. Their actions are ones of treason and can be seen as an attempted invasion of the US.

By asking people to house them, she is toeing the line of violating the US Constitution. It is not the responsibility or duty of Americans to house illegals who came here on their own accord.

Mind you, it also is not the responsibility of the American government to house and tend to these illegals. We certainly aren’t seeing this happening in other parts of the globe on this scale. Nor are we seeing these countries asking their citizens to take these border jumpers in and take care of them.

If MA doesn’t want to take them in, then the Governor needs to stop advocating themselves as a sanctuary state and towns as sanctuary towns. If these illegals know that the fate waiting for them is being sent to jail and/or being sent back to where they came from, perhaps they will stop trying to come here.

As it is many states are already having enough trouble taking care of their own citizens. They don’t need the illegals adding to their worries.

Massachusetts is also incredibly bold in asking this of its residents. They are incredibly guarded about what the process (if any) is being done to vet people looking for a place to stay. Nor even the people who are willing to open their doors.

Even more insultingly, they are providing no information about incentives to open their homes. Even though the state is willingly handing over millions of dollars to these hotels and motels, they are absent on any information about reimbursement for residents.

After all, they aren’t just going to be providing a room with nothing in it. Naturally, they will be expected to provide a bed and linens. No word about who will cover the fees to keep those fresh and laundered, as well as the clothing, food, and other necessities of these people.

Given the propensity of these illegals to believe that the American government will be providing everything for them, the illegals are showing up with nothing and expecting everything. Instead, they need to show up with everything to do, come here the right way, and expect us to give them nothing.