Long Island Resident and Upstate NY Hotel Owner Baffled That NYC Mayor Won’t Send Him Illegals To Fill His Hotel

Kanyapak Lim / shutterstock.com
Kanyapak Lim / shutterstock.com

While the owner of the Oheka Castle in Long Island, NY, Gary Melius, is not willing to offer up his famous property to the migrants, you can’t blame him. At $400 to $1300 a night, the prices and history of these rooms are far too significant for NYC to take on the liability for.

However, he has proposed another offer: his 115-room Quality Inn up in Massena, NY, near the Canadian border, has ample room in it. Yet, NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his office have given him crickets as a response to his repeated inquiries. This, as the migrants he and other virtue-signaling leftists begged for keep coming and end up sleeping on cardboard over sidewalks outside the Manhattan processing center.

With a 40% occupancy average, he sees nothing but positives for everyone from this deal.

“I keep trying. We could take 180 people. I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense to me. My place is ideal. The hotel is in the center of town. You don’t need any transit once you get here. I have a kitchen. I have a restaurant. I have a catering hall…This would be very good for me, it would be very good for the city and very good for the migrants. It’s a win-win,” he added.

As it sits, the city and Hotel/Motel owners reach an agreed-upon per-day rate and the city rents out the rooms as a block. Currently, his motel rooms are selling for $120 a night. Financially, this just makes sense for everyone involved, yet the city has remained unwilling to do so.

A rep for the New York Times repeatedly contacted the mayor’s office about this. A spokesperson responded by saying, “As we’ve said multiple times, with more than 95,000 asylum seekers coming through our intake system since last spring, all options remain on the table. We continue to call on our state and federal partners to provide the necessary support.”

Part of that necessary support has been coming in the form of medical professionals.

With this new influx of illegal immigrants (being called migrants so frequently) has come a host of medical problems. In particular, a rash of tuberculosis and polio has broken out. Unlike those coming here legally, many are coming without basic childhood vaccines. This makes them not only susceptible to infections but also put the general public at greater risk of getting sick.

It’s completely unacceptable, yet Mayor Eric Adams has been treating this like nobody should be concerned about this. Meanwhile, he is spending millions to bus them around the state to smaller communities as it is. In turn, these communities are now being forced to deal with these problems, and they come with little to no warning.

Members of the medical community have been demanding that they be screened before coming to NYC, especially New York City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan. He has recently announced new programs to help eradicate and stop its spread, reminding people of the risks that can come with people coming from other countries where these vaccines are not the norm. A place where they are trying to escape to get the freedom they believe they have been denied.

As the migrants keep piling up along our southern border, the American people are doing everything they can to be ready and waiting for the oncoming onslaught of their continued arrivals. President Biden is refusing to do anything about it, so the entire nation continues to sit back and take a bite of the steaming immigration s*it sandwich he prepared us. The cheap bastard didn’t even spring for Grey Poupon, either.