Liberals Refuse To Look After Pro-Life Clinics

Jeffrey Bruno /
Jeffrey Bruno /

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, the states each started to quickly speak out for what they wanted. While many chased after our conservative dream of outlawing abortion, others went the opposite direction and tried making abortion clinics as common as 7-11. This decision only emboldened the pro-choice movement, which started going after pro-life clinics.

Per a May 2023 report from the Family Research Center, this has led to some disastrous results. Following the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs opinion in May 2022, more than 100 churches and pregnancy centers for pro-life care have been firebombed, vandalized, or graffitied. In the ultimate act of cowardice, their workers have been assaulted and intimidated too.

So far, the Department of Justice has refused to use the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in any of these cases. This Act “prohibits threats of force, obstruction and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services,” as well as places of worship. This Act allowed them to go after people who attacked abortion clinics, but thus far, Biden has refused to allow the judgment pendulum to swing the other way.

According to Tom McClusky, CatholicVote’s director of Government Affairs, who spoke to the Daily Caller, this has been a horrible miscarriage of justice. “We have well over 300 churches, Catholic churches, that have been everything from firebombed, robbed, and spray painted, alongside pregnancy care centers as well. And I believe the only time that the FACE Act has been used is for some people down in Florida and the Justice Department will not verify a [Freedom Of Information Act] request asking how many times has this been used.”

The DOJ refusing a FOIA is nothing too surprising. They seem to have a real knack for leaving things unfulfilled, unanswered, and incomplete. With Biden at the helm, we as Americans shouldn’t expect this to change anytime soon either. Until the American people demand more from the DOJ and the President, this kind of abuse to push the left will continue.