Let’s Check and See How Many Women Died in the Year Since Roe v. Wade Was Overturned

zimmytws / shutterstock.com
zimmytws / shutterstock.com

One year ago, the media and Democrat Party breathlessly assured us that the US Supreme Court had just preemptively murdered untold numbers of women.

Why were they going to die? Roe v. Wade was finally overturned. Duh! So that we can hold the Supreme Court accountable for its radical decision to allow the voters in individual states to decide the abortion issue for themselves, we should count up all the women who have died in the past year.

Checking the numbers… looks like… total number of deaths from Roe v. Wade being overturned was… zero.

Hey, wait a second!

You don’t suppose that people who are willing to kill a baby—inside or outside the womb—with power tools would have such shabby moral character that they would lie to us, do you?!

We hate to break it to you, Dear Readers, but yes. The ghouls in the abortion lobby lie. They lie about everything. If their lips are moving, they’re lying.

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, they claimed that women would be dying in droves because they would be denied medical care for having miscarriages. They claimed that women with ectopic pregnancies would die because they, too, would be denied medical care.

This was obviously an absurd claim. Not a single woman who had a miscarriage in the past year has been denied medical care. This is despite the fact that women are having a lot more miscarriages than usual ever since the mass vaccination program with the COVID shots. (Wonder why that is?) Not a single woman carrying an ectopic pregnancy was denied medical care and died as a result in the past year.

So, this is what the scoreboard looks like after one year:

  • Extra babies born because Roe v. Wade was overturned: ~25,000
  • Women dead because Roe v. Wade was overturned: 0

Now if we could just get idiot Republicans in elected offices to stop repeating the Democrat Party’s evil lie that it’s okay to support abortion in cases of “rape, incest or life of the mother.”

Let’s pick these lies apart too since we’re on the subject, shall we?

Rape statistics are one of the biggest ways that the abortion lobby lies to sucker people into believing them. They claim that 2.9 million women are impregnated by rape in their lifetimes. They claim that 5% of rapes result in pregnancy and that 32,000 women are impregnated by a rapist every year. That would mean 640,000 total rapes are happening in America every year.

Do those numbers add up? Not even close. According to the FBI’s uniform crime statistics, there were 139,380 rapes in 2018. Even if the 5% figure was true (which it’s not), that would mean fewer than 7,000 rape pregnancies that year. There are nowhere near enough rapes in this country to keep up with the Democrat Party’s demands.

Aside from that, can we have an honest conversation about killing babies that result from rapes? Yeah, it’s an awful subject. But it’s not the kid’s fault! Just because we don’t like the father or the way the baby was conceived doesn’t mean the child should have to die. Couples with infertility problems have to wait up to 7 years in America to adopt a newborn baby. Seems like there’s a compromise solution here if we could ever have an honest conversation about it.

What about incest babies? That’s not even a thing in American culture. Not anywhere. It might be happening now because Joe Biden has brought so many Iraqi and Pakistani immigrants into the country, and they all marry their first cousins out of tribal loyalty. How’s that for a hot potato that no one wants to talk about? But—and you can take our word for this—the Muslims ain’t getting abortions.

But, but, but! What about the life of the mother?!

How come people who use this argument can never name a medical condition that will cause a woman to DIE if she doesn’t get an abortion? Why do you suppose they get so quiet when you ask that question?

Anyway, to recap: 25,000 extra babies got to live in the first year after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Zero women died. And the abortion lobby is still a pack of liars.