Kamala Harris Insults the Entire State of Texas

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

The state of Texas, famous for its vibrant culture and politics, saw a surprising visit from Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, recently. Many were shocked that she’d have the nerve to show up in the state, considering that as the border czar, she’s literally done nothing to help with the illegal immigration that pours in by the thousands on a daily basis at the southern border.

Kamala Harris’ visit to Texas was meant to boost voter registrations and promote Democratic Party policies in preparation for the 2024 elections. She touched upon various subjects during her speech. Some of these topics included the economy, education, healthcare, and climate change. She was particularly focused on the Hispanic population. Perhaps she thought that, since they were Hispanic, they wouldn’t mind the border being wide open.

She was wrong.

She was oblivious to why people weren’t having positive reactions to all she had to say. Didn’t they hear her? She discussed climate change…a very real subject that should have everyone excited.

A CBS poll showed this: “65% of 1,000 Latinos surveyed indicated that more needed to be done to control illegal immigration along the southern border. The Immigration Hub-commissioned poll also found 63% of Latino voters support increased border security.”

Everyone wants the border security that Harris won’t even discuss.

The amusing observation here is that Harris’ focus on the liberal issues, while essential to the Democratic Party platform, may not have been the most effective way to reach out to potential voters in Texas. This is because many of the issues she raised are not considered to be high priorities by Texans, who typically lean more toward conservative values and policies. If she had come in with an apology and a plan to close the border, she would have gotten everyone’s attention.

This is the disconnect between Harris’ messaging and the concerns of the average Texan. And the VP didn’t even have enough intelligence to understand that there would be a disconnect – which is also why she’s ranking as one of the most unpopular VPs in modern history.

Harris’s approach might have better resonated with voters if she had emphasized issues more relevant to their interests, such as border security, energy independence, and individual liberties. These topics are often associated with conservative policies and are high on the list of concerns for many Texans.

It is worth noting that Kamala Harris did not ignore key Texas concerns entirely. She did address border security briefly during her speech, emphasizing the importance of a “safe and secure” border for all Americans. This may have appealed to some conservative-leaning voters, but not enough to overshadow her focus on more liberal issues.

Although it is important for politicians to advocate for their party’s platform, understanding and adapting to local concerns can significantly boost their effectiveness in engaging a crowd – and that’s where Harris truly failed.

As a result of her visit to Texas, there’s only one thing that really happened. Everyone realized just how clueless Harris is. She ignored Texans’ problems for nearly three years and then, suddenly, wants to show up in the state with a long list of Democratic priorities and not even a hint of an apology for her lack of action regarding the border.