John Mellencamp Throws Bogus Stat Out About How Black Americans Are Living

Geoffrey Clowes /
Geoffrey Clowes /

It’s amusing how certain celebrities use their status to make various claims about the US and how its people live. Usually, it’s the Hollywood elite that make the claims, and it shows just how out of touch they are with society.

This time, it’s John Mellencamp. The aging rocker must have spent too much time in the back of a tour bus because it’s clear that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Mellencamp was recently on Bill Maher, where they talked about blacks in America. What’s interesting is that the rocker made the radical claim that blacks are in no better position in 2023 than they were in the fields as slaves in 1850.

Mellencamp even went on to say, “Us as white people love to have black people entertain us.”


Maher shot back with, “I would say that the playing fields are a lot better than the cotton fields. That’s what I would say about that. Maybe I’m crazy, John, but it seems like making no money as a slave picking cotton, it was not as good as playing left field for the Yankees. I’m sure there were reasons why Dave Winfield has some beef against Steinbrenner.”

Mellencamp believes that only one or two percent of the black population in the US have a better life than they did when their ancestors were in the cotton fields of Mississippi.

Maher took issue with saying that one or two percent sounds very low.

Mellencamp admitted that it could be higher and that “I’m just pulling the number out of my ass.”

Here’s a full clip so you can see just how off his rocker Mellencamp really is:

The reality is that, although there are people who claim that the United States is systemically racist, it’s not.

Blacks are allowed to vote.

We have had a black president – and we have had blacks as mayors, governors, Representatives, and Senators.

Blacks are CEOs, lawyers, doctors, and small business owners.

Equally, there are plenty of white people living in squalor.

America is the land of opportunity. There’s just one thing…sometimes, you have to work HARD to get a door or window of opportunity to open. Your skin color doesn’t change how easily those doors and windows open. Instead, it’s about grit and determination.

John Couger Mellencamp should know that, especially with the number of black people he’s worked with over the years. Ask any of them – they’ll claim they have it better than working in cotton fields as a slave. To say otherwise is insulting and a blatant lie.