Is Chickenhawk Ben Shapiro About to Fire Candace Owens for Her Sensible Comments?

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A story went viral on social media this week when a video of fake conservative gatekeeper Ben Shapiro emerged in which he’s bashing his popular conservative colleague Candace Owens for not showing 110,000% slavish fealty to Israel. The internet has been on fire with speculation that Shapiro is going to fire Candace Owns for being an authentic America First patriot. In Shapiro’s racist remarks, he refers to what he calls Candace’s “faux sophistication” when it comes to Israel and says she is “absolutely disgraceful.” What’s really going on here?

You’re probably familiar with both Owns and Shapiro from The Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro actually hails himself as the “founder” of The Daily Wire. Plus, he’s a gigantic coward. It would therefore make sense that the Israel-First, America-Last Ben Shapiro is planning to fire Candace Owens for disagreeing with him on anything related to Israel.

Contrary to the dimwitted beliefs of neoconservatives like Ben Shapiro, Nikki Haley, and Jeb Bush, actual conservatives in the America First MAGA movement have been having a very nuanced conversation since the October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel. What should America’s role be in the conflict between Hamas and Israel? Should we attack Iran, and send America’s best and brightest off to die in some godforsaken sandpit all over again after our misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan? Given their history, shouldn’t Israel maybe tone it down just a little bit on the whole “genocide of the Palestinians” thing?

The latest official toll from Israel says that 1,200 people died during the October 7th attack. In response, Israel has now killed 11,000 Palestinian civilians (not members of Hamas). That figure includes 4,600 confirmed deaths of Palestinian children. Was the Hamas attack on Israel a horrifying act of terrorism that all civilized people, including Candace Owens, have condemned? Of course, it was.

But what kind of a f***ing psychopath supports killing 4,600 non-Hamas children in retaliation?

Candace Owens had a baby last year, and she’s now 8.9 months pregnant with her next child. As an American mother, she’s obviously thought deeply about the whole Israel-Hamas thing. She’s asking serious, adult questions about whether now is the right time for America to be drawn into yet another pointless “forever war” that has been bankrupting us since 9/11.

Obviously, the Israel-first Ben Shapiro hates her for this. But can he fire the most popular host on The Daily Wire?

Not according to Candace Owens. In reality, Ben Shapiro doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with the day-to-day operations of The Daily Wire. He didn’t found the company. He’s the benefactor of a team of moderate Republican billionaires who founded The Daily Wire. He can’t fire anyone except for maybe the illegal alien that he employs as his gardener.

If Shapiro thinks he’s going to get Candace Owens fired, he’s likely in for a surprise when he learns just how much everyone in the America First movement hates him.

Back in the early 2000s, Shapiro was blogging for World Net Daily. He was also attending Harvard, and strongly advocating for every young, able-bodied, non-Jewish American to enlist in the military and go die for Israel in Iraq or Afghanistan. When astute observers asked why Ben Shapiro didn’t enlist himself and go fight, the littlest chickenhawk ran away. Thanks to his dual citizenship, Ben Shapiro is more than happy to call on America’s youth to go die for his homeland.

But do you see him rushing home to Israel to pick up a rifle right now? Of course not.

Candace Owens talks about the latest kerfuffle with the littlest chickenhawk on the latest episode of Tucker on X. Here’s her response to Ben Shapiro’s childishly transparent antics: