GOP Senators Co-Sponsor Global Warming Bill That Could Lead to Carbon Taxes on Americans

Bird-Lee /
Bird-Lee /

A group of four Republican Senators has joined with the Democrats to sponsor a bill that could lead to imposing carbon tariffs on polluter countries like China and India. While that might sound good to some people on the surface, critics say the bill could ultimately lead to carbon taxes on us here in America.

The four Senators joining with the Democrats are Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA). So right off the bat, you already know this is going to be a terrible idea.

The bill they’re pushing is called the “Providing Reliable, Objective, Verifiable Emissions Intensity and Transparency (PROVE IT) Act.”

Initially, the bill would require the Department of Energy and other federal agencies to measure the carbon outputs of “covered products,” which would include steel, oil, aluminum, and other things. The eventual goal is to then impose carbon tariffs on other countries unless they get on board with the Democrat Party’s global warming cult.

Sen. Cramer says that he hopes by starting out with tariffs on foreign countries, they hope to get all the America First supporters on board. You know, because we’re such big fans of Lisa Murkowski and Bill Cassidy or something. Cramer even admits that eventually, if they can take a step towards carbon tariffs on other countries, they’ll be able to impose carbon taxes on Americans. He said that out loud to the Daily Caller!

This group of RINOs actually plans to try to trick conservatives into supporting carbon tariffs on China, in order to eventually force Americans to pay carbon taxes. The whole problem underpinning this, of course, is the fact that global warming is fake. The good news is that there’s not much enthusiasm for this bill in the GOP-controlled House. At least not yet.