GA Democrat Arrested After Walking into Lake House Then Trying to Play the Mayor Card

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Despite being the mayor of South Fulton, GA, Khalid Kamau doesn’t understand how property law works.

Taking an early morning stroll, Kamaru decided to venture down the driveway and into the lake house of a man he didn’t know. As he unlawfully entered the dwelling, the owner threw on clothing and slipped out the side door.

Once safely to his vehicle, he called 911. As Kamaru exited, the man pointed a pistol at him and told him to stand still.

Despite ordering him to stay still, Kamaru responded by saying “I don’t have to listen to you, and you can’t give me orders.”

The owner again insisted and Karu played what he thought would be his trump card “Do you know who the f**k I am? I’m the Mayor, and I’ll wait for my police to get here and see what happens then.”

According to the police, Kamaru admitted he was trespassing, but explained that it was his dream home, and he wanted to buy it. He also claims the owner threatened to shoot him if he took another step, and repeatedly cursed at him.

After $11,000 was posted as a bond, Kamaru told Fox 5 that he was only intending to look. He apologized to the owners and claimed he thought it was abandoned.

This man is a well-known member of BLM and has outright claimed he wanted to city to become Wakanda when he served as a city councilman. Since becoming mayor back in June 2022, he has been surrounded by controversy and lawsuits. Mostly over his repeated violations of the city charter and public records.

Kamaru should be proud though.

He is the poster child of everything wrong with the left. A picture-perfect version of what we should expect if conservatives don’t step up to bring people to the voting booth