Fulton County DA Accused of Burying Evidence

Vitalii Stock / shutterstock.com
Vitalii Stock / shutterstock.com

As you know, a major part of the RICO case against former President Donald Trump and some associates is set for trial soon. However, according to Sidney Powell’s lawyer, the prosecutors are clearly hiding information that could exonerate her as well as destroy the entire case.

According to CNN, Powell and fellow former and pro-Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro have been charged in some sort of supposedly massive attempt by Trump and others to overthrow the 2020 election, particularly in the state of Georgia, with the emphasis put on Fulton County, where the population is quite dense.

There are also 17 others with similar charges. However, the pair’s trial will be separate from the others due to Powell and Chesebro’s request for a speedy trial (their Sixth Amendment right). And if you know anything about RICO cases, which is basically an attempt to take down some sort of organized crime, that’s not good news for the prosecution.

And now, Powell’s defense attorney, Brian Rafferty, claims that the prosecution has “exculpatory evidence” that could turn the case on its head. Of course, Fulton County’s prosecutors haven’t released such information to either the court or the defense, which directly violates the law.

“They have a due process obligation to turn over to me favorable information,” Rafferty said. And yet, upon hearing about such information being possessed by the prosecution, he has not been able to get anything from them.

“I heard squat from the state.”

According to Rafferty and a CNN report, Coffee County (the county Powell is being charged for “breaching”) invited pro-Trump lawyers in January 2021 to “come down to Coffee County and do whatever it is that they do,” presumably investigate whether or not fraud occurred in the county’s 2020 elections.

Powell was one of those lawyers, per CNN.

And yet, she’s now being charged with intervening in an election because of that invitation.

Naturally, Rafferty wants to see the letter and any other info the prosecution may have on such an invitation. But they are refusing to cooperate.

Hence, the claim they are hiding evidence.

So much for an easy win for the prosecution…