French Military Threatens to Oust Macron for His Concessions to Islamism

Victor Velter /
Victor Velter /

A group of active-duty French military members is threatening to stage a coup against Emmanuel Macron’s government because of his unceasing concessions to Islamism. The letter suggests that a civil war is brewing in France because Macron surrendered the country to foreign invaders from the Middle East and North Africa. Nearly 10% of France’s population now consists of foreign-born Muslims who came to the country claiming “refugee” status.

France has been rocked by catastrophic riots for the past week after the Muslim horde decided to burn everything to the ground. The military members published their letter threatening a coup in the right-wing Valeurs Actuelles magazine Sunday evening.

The Macron regime is said to be furious with the military members for standing up to Macron’s efforts to culturally diversify France with millions of Islamic foreigners. The warriors who signed the letter say they are from the younger generation of military members right now, the “generation of fire.” They say that they saw combat in the Sentinelle security operation that broke out because of Islamic terror attacks in 2015.

“They have offered up their lives to destroy the Islamism that you have made concessions to on our soil,” wrote the soldiers.

Members of the public are also allowed to sign the letter on the Valeurs Actuelles website in support of the soldiers. So far, more than 160,000 Frenchmen have added their signatures to the letter.

The Macron government is acting exactly how you’d expect. They’re accusing the soldiers of plotting an insurrection and insulting them. They call the soldiers cowards for not directly signing their names to the letter—even though everyone knows the soldiers would be viciously punished if they had done that.

France looks like it’s getting closer and closer to the breaking point since Macron has done little to stop the invasion of his country, which is now falling apart. The next few weeks should be extremely interesting times in France. We could be witnessing an actual coup to oust Macron before summer is over.