For Just $30, a Tour Company Will Show You Around the Squalor and Filth in Nancy Pelosi’s District

Vyshnova /
Vyshnova /

Paid and free walking tours are a common fixture in San Francisco. It’s a historic city, after all, and it used to be one of the prettiest cities in America. Not anymore. Now it’s a cesspool that is covered in urine and feces, thanks to the last Republican mayor leaving office there in 1968. Coming soon, people will be able to take a $30 walking tour through the city to see just how disgusting and horrifying Nancy Pelosi’s home congressional district really is.

The tour was announced on Eventbrite, and the first one is set to take place on August 26th.

“The tour will start at City Hall, and continue through Mid-Market, the Tenderloin, and Union Square,” says the tour’s website. “We will view the open-air drug markets, the abandoned tech offices, the outposts of the non-profit industrial complex, and the deserted department stores.”

For those who haven’t been back to San Francisco in a couple of decades, it’s really changed a lot. If you drive across the bridge from Oakland into San Fran, be sure to carry a bottle of Scope or Listerine in your car. You’ll thank us when you realize that you can actually feel the human feces in the air congealing on your teeth. We’re not kidding. Driving into San Francisco is one of the most revolting things you can experience in California, and that’s saying something.

People are not sure whether the “Doom Loop Tour” as it’s called, is a real thing or if someone is just trolling the San Francisco politicians for their ineptitude. Whether it’s real or not, it’s actually true. Squalor and filth are the only things left in San Francisco.

Watch as this YouTuber takes a walk along historic Market Street in San Francisco and fails to find a single store or business that is still open: